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Red Coat Friday…Little Lord Mike Harris

Former Ontario Premier and Upper Canadian Loyalist Twit, Mike Harris, won’t apologize to Dudley George’s family. George was killed by an OPP sniper bullet at Ipperwash …George and all other protestors were unarmed. The conclusions of an inquiry believe it’s true that Harris uttered ‘I want the fucking Indians out of the park’…but Harris still denies it and has twisted the findings which lays blame on Harris, Ottawa and the OPP for failing to negotiate and acting too expediantly.

O.K. Mikey, so you have a fat stubborn head and are in denial. No wonder Jane Stewart was stalling negotiations with Six Nations….the government wanted the results of the inquiry before ‘planning’ their next move.

Harper Valley tried to reach Mike Harris for a comment but his answering machine said he was visiting Nuremburg. Meantime Dalton MacGunity’s government has issued an apology and say their Indian Affairs staff has risen by 35% dealing with land claims. Duh, why don’t they just place it in federal hands where it belongs, call in that 3rd, outside, international body with no interest , eat the Queen’s corgies together (thank you, Montreal Simon), and follow the Rule of Law?

Naw….too simple! The role of an inquiry is only to determine facts and make reconmmendations, but guess what…I want the fucking Indian killers out of the country. Maybe we should wear red to support natives as well as our troops because it seems people would want to make a statement about the continued genocide in our own country as well as soldiers being killed in Afghanistan….but puh-lease….no ribbon!!! Just find a real feather of any kind and pin it on your lapel.

Nice red jacket, Mikey but yellow is your true colour.

*Developement….George’s brother calls for land to be returned.

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Jane Stewart Eats Dough

Former Lib Cabinet Minister Jane Stewart believes in the notion that ‘money talks’…so she’s eaten the dough the Ontario Goverment handed her to stall talks on Six Nation negotiations.

Jane: I like my money raw…no mustard, no ketchup. The true pulp flavour is the only way to go, well, maybe a dash of salt. If I can get those wretched Clan Mothers to put aside their foolish notions of what is right, stall them, grind them down, then maybe we’ll have time to innoculate some blankets with smallpox to give them. Wait….Avian flu would be more 21st century! We’ll dupe them with chickens. That’s it…we’ll import chickens from China and make it look like a big government handout. Sure, the public may balk that the indians are getting something else for free, after all we did air drop t-shirts with Canadian flags…but in the end it’s worth it. Oh, and I like to wash my dollar sandwhiches down with red wine…..white is for poultry, if you know what i mean.


MNN. May 30, 2007. Just when we thought Jane Stewart was gone from our lives, she pops up like a dirty shirt. For $1,300 a day, why not? She’s the former mouthpiece for Ontario at the “talks” about returning our stolen land to us. She moaned, “The Feds and Ontario are going to walk away from the table because of that “gun incident” [a few days ago]. What? That had nothing to do with us. It was a personal dispute.

Would the city of Toronto stop all business at City Hall because there was an incident on Yonge Street where someone robbed someone at gunpoint? Does Parliament come to a grinding halt because someone stuck up a bank down the street? It appears that Ontario is trying to get out of settling our land claims. They want an excuse, any excuse. Quick! Does someone have a hangnail? These colonists get hysterical and irrational when they get cornered, don’t they?

Canada and Ontario, you have to start taking responsibility for your acts of brutality. Remember when you sent in the Ontari-ario Provincial Police OPP, on April 20, 2006, and attacked us? They arrived at 4:30 a.m. with weapons galore, beating, berating, arresting and shooting some of us in the face with high powered pellet guns! [Those guys need a mom to tell them ‘no’, it’s not right!] We were unarmed and managed to send the OPP running. Another thing! Why is the fully armed OPP whizzing past us every 5 minutes!!! What about the inflated gas prices? Maybe they just don’t care about the Ontario taxpayers.

At the “talks” on Tuesday, May 22, we reminded Canada and the Province about the Two Row Wampum agreement, “You don’t have a voice in the decisions we make. If you keep putting your hands in our canoe and trying to steer it, you’re going to get splashed every time.” We told them to get their baggage out of our canoe and stay in their boat.

About twenty of our Six Nations people waved flags and played ceremonial drums while the OPP stood by and watched us stop the unlawful construction on our land at Hagersville. They never got our permission to do anything there. Why weren’t the cops arresting the developers? What’s their next assignment? Holding the door open for bank robbers? We want our property to be left alone until we’re ready and things are settled to our satisfaction.

Hagersville is part of the Haldimand tract, which runs about 10 kilometres on each side of the Grand River. This land is part of the vast Six Nations territory along the St. Lawrence River, around the Great Lakes watershed, down to New York State, Vermont and beyond. In 1784 the Six Nations did not receive the land from the British during the American Revolution. This Tract of one million acres was specially protected from encroachment by settlers “for the Mohawks and their posterity forever”.

Canada and the Province keep threatening they won’t give us back Kanohnstaton, which they say they took into “trust”. Is it something like bank robbers who hold the stolen money in trust! We told them plainly, “You need to get your paws off Kanenhstaton ASAP”. The Plank Road Agreement needs to be addressed, Canada needs to obey the laws and live up to the rule of law. The developer has to CONSULT with the Six Nations Confederacy.

Ontario’s Minister of Aboriginal Affairs David Ramsay said their bargainers were “displeased” about being caught in another theft, “We should have peace and no further escalation.” Right! So stop your thuggery! Go home! Leave us alone!

Developer, Dan Valentine, picked up his tools and left. He agreed with us, “They have the claim, clearly something exists. They’ve been trying to reach out to the government to settle this, and it hasn’t been settled.”

Under the Haida, Taku and Mikkisew Supreme Court rulings, anyone directly involved in land development where land “claims” exist is in “CONTEMPT OF COURT”. Canadians can’t just march in and take whatever they want according to the map they saw in grade two. Whenever there is a valid land claim, there has to be consultation. Otherwise it’s not legal.

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Famous Stupid People #20

Congratulations to Liz who guessed Jim Prentice, dummy minister of Indian and Northern Affairs. As Liz has no link to a blog, i’ll leave JJ’s blurb up on the sidebar until the next winner.

May 29, 2007 at 8:56 am 30 comments


Scout and Mr. Scout have to move into the city. Mr. Scout works too far away now to make the Bowen Island commute feasible. We are looking for a 2 bedroom on the North Shore (upper or mid Lonsdale, Pemberton….???). We are also exploring areas of East Van (north of Hastings, east of Nanaimo). We can pay $1200/month tops. North Burnaby would be another consideration.

Cooperative housing is also on the list….there are a couple in North Van and a few Deep Cove way, plus some in East Van (we’ve narrowed it to the areas, but have to find out which ones were leaky condos).

If anyone can help we’d sure appreciate it 😀 😀 😀 😀

Oh, our bouvier, Cinder, would be with us, unless the perfect place comes up then we’ll have to give her up 😦

May 28, 2007 at 9:17 pm 5 comments

Canada’s Gone to the Dogs…

Steve Joe Harper has more in common with Stephane Dion then he thought…a french background. While the PM usually keeps this detail hushpuppied, it is known that a grandparent was a poodle, hence Steve’s penchant for the four-pawed pillars of , er, hmmmm….manhood?

Let’s scrap that story and move on to Kahentinetha’s latest article…oh those clan moms….this woman doesn’t know how to leave the keyboards alone!


MNN. May 25, 2007. The colonists keep saying we and our ways are finished! They are 3rd generation immigrants who think they belong on Turtle Island keep trying to find ways to force us to join them and to be pawns in their games. Even after killing off over 100 million of us, we and our memories are still alive.

Let’s compare. There are two kinds of dogs. There are wild dogs that are free and part of the “natural world”. They have the memory of running, playing and exploring vast territories.

Then there are “domesticated” dogs, those pampered pooches that wait for the sound of the can opener so they can beg for their bacon. They won’t turn against their masters even when abused and beaten by them. They just keep wagging their tails harder and harder trying to be liked. It’s a kind of “wife” syndrome. They can’t even shit where they want. If it wasn’t for “pooper scoopers”, they’d be extinct.

Today most dogs are domesticated and tied up. If they are let loose, watch out! They’re angry. They go crazy and they’re dangerous. Some don’t know what to do because there are no rules or enforcers for them. They just lie down and die.

May 27, 2007 at 11:42 pm 10 comments

Sunday Sermon by Crystal Methodist

Ha hoo! Good sunday morning boys and girls! Today’s sermon is from the book of Hand-Job. This reminds me of my recent visit to Stephen’s house. Missy Laureen and I were sipping tea in the parlour of 24 Sussex, oh, she looked resplendant in her pink taffeta outfit from Sears! Missy was telling me how Stephen still won’t go further then the missionary position and I took her hand to comfort her, telling her it was her duty to just lay on her back, count to 20 and think of Jack Lord.

What should happen but a tremor came over me. I had goosebumps and a tingly sensation in my lower abdomen and it was then and there I knew Yaweh was strong with us. I was tickled pink for the last time I had this sensation was while sitting next to Miss Laura at George’s ranch.

Oh yes, back to my story. Dear me, I’m afraid I’ve run out of time but remember to service your man and sometimes the answer can be found in the book of Hand-Job.

May 27, 2007 at 6:19 am 7 comments

Pau Hana

Pau Hana (work is done……pow hah nah)…a.k.a. ‘Aloha Friday’. Have a good one!

*Youngfox Canada has some good reads.

May 25, 2007 at 6:55 pm

Stephen Harper is Very Afraid…

* i don’t expect everyone to read this…but ya gotta love the ‘wide load’ sign in the background of the pic 😀

While the corpulent one looks very happy playing dressup (I’m sure Mommy Harper always encoured Stephen to do this), inside he’s a trembling mass of fear…he’s managed to believe that fear is power, but we’ll let him have his own psychotic illusions while he acts out and destroys. After all, with people like Tom Flanagan as a mentor, Steve’s earning brownie points all the way for trouncing on Indigneous Rights. Those cowball and injun movies really went to his head.

So Steve’s holding a jam session and jamming Mohawk Nation News’s server and Clan Mom Kahentenitha Horn’s email. Wow…now that’s really going to stop The Rule of Law from being enforced and Canada finally owning up to acting in fraud and treason to Royal Proclamation whereby colonial government must have a third, international body to negotiatie with First Nations. A jam session…what kind of music is Steve into…must be punk!!!

Steve is jamming on everything…parliament, natives…whoa, that’s a lot of fear!

Because MNN can’t post Kahentinetha’s latest article , I will publish it in it’s entirity , not just to inform people, but in the hopes that the ‘big boys’ will finally stop thinking of me as chopped pemican and come and arrest me so I can take it all to international court….I have the connections, the knowledge and the desire.:


MNN. May 21, 2007. Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, or whoever really runs the Canadian dictatorship, has wiped out any pretension that Canada ever was a democratic country. He did this by obstructing democratic parliamentary debate on the use of Canadian taxes. If Canadian cops were on their toes as true defenders of law and order, he could be charged under the Criminal Code of Canada, Section 129.1. He intentionally, with malice aforethought, obstructed parliamentarians who were engaged in enforcing the laws concerning “revenues, customs, excise, trade or navigation”.

Harper outlined his methods in a 200-page manual showing his party members how to obstruct justice and democratic due process. This is a major constitutional crisis that can’t be swept under the carpet. Right now he’s hiding out in Afghanistan. He might end up in the next cave over from Bin Laden.

The public is getting so confused they don’t know what the rules are anymore. Big business and big government want to keep them in a trance. If someone sees a baby being killed, they’re afraid to help because they might be arrested for intruding on someone else’s rights.

Harper and the two major political parties see the people as the enemy, particularly us, the Indigenous people. He needs a personalized target. It looks like hysteria is being created deliberately to set us up as the threat or scapegoat. In the 911 model, the threat is more terrifying than the action. He steers the public to vent their anger and hatred on us. That’s how he was able to push through the anti-terrorism legislation. He got rid of habeas corpus and usurped peoples’ right to the sanctity of their home.

Harper obviously has no rules for himself. It looks like he thinks democratic institutions won’t work. They certainly have never treated us humanely or respected our sovereign rights to the land and resources of Turtle Island.

Harper wants severe rules and regulations over everybody, especially the media. He does not want to be judged. He doesn’t even want us to have our minds in gear. Through propaganda and brute force, people are losing their freedom to sociopaths and control-freak demagogues.

How does one know when the government is corrupt? When the public leaders lie. When the public doesn’t object. Then nobody can tell what’s true anymore. Harper has hamstrung the Parliamentary committees so there is no free open discussion. The cabinet decrees laws, sets the agenda and cancels hearings at will. Once lies have become the status quo there can be no real communication. All words become meaningless babble or catch phrases.

Canada and the U.S. have turned into oligarchies controlled by a small elite who act on behalf of multinational corporations controlled from afar. They are fronts for international investors to get the leases to run the assets and drain the resources on Turtle Island.

Starting in the 1960s the middle-class was meticulously destroyed. They were attacked as being materialistic, decadent, bourgeois, degenerate, imperialistic, war mongers, brutal and corrupt. This is true in the way they ran the Indian Affairs bureaucracies where colonial control of the lands and resources reside. This is a kind of rot and disease spreading through the colonial constitutional trees on Turtle Island controlled by the oligarchy.

Indian Affairs Minister Jim “Jonestown” Prentice announced fundamental changes to the way Indigenous land claims are to be settled. We wouldn’t be surprised if the next thing he announces is his plan to lease out the settling of land claims to private corporate structures on some kind of profit-sharing basis. We demand that the land claims be mediated by a neutral and mutually agreed upon third party. The “other” party cannot be anyone from the federal, provincial, territorial or local “Indian” entities set up by Canada. Nor can they be any of the corporations that act as the puppet masters for Canada’s pseudo government.

Are they working on privatizing Indian Affairs? Don’t laugh! This has already been tried in Kanehsatake and on many other communities by placing its management under the control of private companies. It was a catastrophe for Indigenous people and a bonanza for the well connected accounting, management and legal firms. All the money went to the companies, the lawyers and a few cooperative band councilors. Services were stopped. The Indigenous People got less than before.

Indian Affairs could be planning to lease us out to multinational investors who want to get their paws on our land, hydro electric power, resources and diamonds that can be extracted from our land in the north. This happened before when they leased out our education to church run residential schools, whose staff got their paws and other parts on our young children, molesting and killing them with impunity.

The Crown would love to get out of its legal responsibility to us by handing us over to corporations who have no obligations. Their only agenda is profit! Not service for the people. Not living up to the treaties. They have to cut costs, services, streamline everything and put their friends in big jobs with fat salaries.

The big pie in the sky is “leasing”. It is really the “confiscation” of all lands, resources, public assets and programs by international investors. The plan is already operational. Assets have already been confiscated such as highways, cable, television, electricity, internet, water, prisons, schools, health care, private police forces, airports, parking garages, social services, welfare, pensions, housing, drug and alcohol treatment programs, adoptions, programs for the elderly, road maintenance, garbage collection, fire departments, environmental protection, job training and placement, child support enforcement, child care, child protection – get the picture? Even the management of all these assets and programs are being privatized and leased out.

So what happens when you have a complaint? You can’t go to your member of parliament. The lease holder might be in Singapore or Zurich Switzerland, 5,000 miles away! They’re probably run by numbered companies.

Does this mean that people don’t have to pay taxes anymore? The Treasury Board will give Indian Affairs $9 billion who turn it over to an offshore multinational corporation which is the leaseholder that is headquartered in Paris France. It’s international colonialism!

The private sector can raise costs and authority on the assets they lease. The government doesn’t have to answer to the public. It’s all international. The head office might be in Germany or wherever. They don’t understand what you’re talking about. Your call will go to a call center in India. You’ll be put on hold and then passed around to five others whose job is to give you a nervous breakdown. Don’t think you’re going to get an answer about the plumbing leak in your rental apartment, or the 200% increase in the road tolls you have to pay just to get home.

Would this be considered high treason? It is when the government is consorting with foreign entities that destroy the economy and rob them of those things they stole from us.

The local brokers of these leases/confiscations are making out like bandits.
Rudy Giuliani of 911 fame is the exclusive lawyer for Cintra of Spain, which is headed by Prince Juan Carlos. Cintra is now the proud owner of what was once the “Chicago Skyway”. They are working on getting the Midway Airport too. The leases are for 75 to 99 years. Once leased they are exempt from taxation. Upstate New York recently signed the same sort of lease with National Express Group of London UK which specializes in rail and bus transport.

Some U.S. municipalities are trying to get their water systems back. But they keep getting outbid by Illinois American Water which is owned by a German investor that is also functioning in 29 U.S. states.

These international corporations are gaining control of the cities. Today one can’t get into some cities without paying tolls and the infra structures are falling apart. Canadians will soon be trapped in just like Indigenous People.

Were going back to the middle ages, man! Prisons have been privatized to save money. Correction Corporation of America runs half the private prisons and expects to double their investment in 5 years. Costs must be minimized. Jails must be kept full. Less is spent on prisoner care and training of guards. To maximize profits jail time must be maximized. In some prisons the inmates work for 17 cents an hour making clothes, car parts, computer components, shoes and furniture. It’s not just license plates anymore. This is going on even though it’s a violation of international law.

The “three strikes you’re out” law in California is coming soon to Canada, your home on native land. So Congress is being heavily lobbied to increase sentences. Correction Corporation and corrections officers are some of the largest campaign contributors in California. Ten years ago there were ten private prisons and 2,000 inmates. Today there are 140 with 70,000 inmates. They are aiming to increase this slave labor by 500% in the next ten years.

If people don’t wake up soon, by the time Harper’s out of office, Canada will be dismantled and sold off to foreign corporations. Let’s see what happens on June 29th when Indigenous people demonstrate everywhere against injustice and mistreatment. We think that the “war room” in the “Tower of Power” at Indian affairs is working round the clock to speed up privatization. Minister “Jonestown” Prentice wants to drag us into the colonial courts for doing what we’re supposed to do, protect our possessions. Then we’ll be heavily fined for this “crime”. “Jonestown” threatened we are “liable” and funds owing to our communities will be cut.

In exchange for our freedom, the oligarchy wants Turtle Island – our land, resources and no Indigenous title. That’s the big prize! With no venues for democratic debate, we’’ll all be divided into two camps, the prisoners and the guards. That’s the game.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

May 24, 2007 at 9:02 am 32 comments

Things That I’m Afraid Of…

I punched ‘things that i’m afraid of’ into Google. This is what turned up:

Web Results 1 – 10 of about 8,190,000 for things i’m afraid of. (0.19 seconds)
Rockstar Mommy: 10 Things I’m Afraid Of
10 Things that I’m afraid of:. Becoming a self-righteous, materialistic, judgemental soccer mom. Losing all access to the internet forever. *gasp* … 2004/10/10_things_im_afraid_of.php – I’m Afraid, You’re Afraid : 448 Things to Fear and Why: Books: Melinda Muse by Melinda Muse. Im-Afraid-Youre-Things-Fear/dp/0786883952

I’m 18 and afraid it’s time to break up with my first boyfriend …
This is my first relationship, so I’m not so good at detecting these things. But it has been a month now, and there has been no improvement. I’m afraid that … – 21 May 2007 –

I’m afraid I am a bad wife – Salon
I’m afraid I am a bad wife. Will I cause my second husband to do what my first husband did? … I know the things I did even if no one else can see them. … 2005/08/30/husband_suicide/index.html – 25k –

You’re supposed to not care, to just do the things you love and ignore public … I’m thinking of my friend Ken, who was reading Jonathan Franzen’s The … – 21k – Cached – Similar pages

Find out what I’m afraid of on 43 Things
I no longer find writing what I’m afraid of necessary. After about day 5, it’s all been redundant in different words. After thinking about it, I’ve decided …

I’m afraid Brown’s not as black as he’s painted … Nothing could be further from the truth (well, some things could be further from the truth, … columnists/david_aaronovitch/article1604994.ece –

I’m afraid, sometimes, at
As long as I’m alive, there’s still time to do things. … The only thing I’m afraid of now, in the wee small hours, is not having enough time for …’ m%20afraid%2C%20sometimes%2C%20at%

Fear Of Firing
“Few things demotivate an organization faster than tolerating and … At one point, Mody’s boss allegedly told him: “There are things I can ask you to do … content/07_17/b4031001.htm –

May 22, 2007 at 10:10 pm 7 comments

If Only They Were Normal # 19 – Conrad Black

Ah yes, bandit badboy Baron Conrad Black. While the petty thefts get locked behind bars, what will the fate of this money-grubbing, ladder climbing opportunist be? Well, what if he were ‘normal’?

Black: I’ve given everything away and now live life flying high for Gawd. You can call me Sister Black. Babara’s become a Benedictine monk, in case you’re wondering. This beats a leer jet anyday and I can’t resist the aroma of any terrain I fly over when I’m off to help some unfortunate people somewhere.

I said seven Hail Mary’s, Jack Lord forgave me and I feel wonderful knowing I’m serving the people and can air my balls at the same time. This may not be as normal as some would wish but for me it’s a big flap in the right direction. I help stop the cutting down of rainforests so the trees can’t be made into paper. Talk about Pulp Fiction, where did I get off with my media spin-doctored, conservative brute force publishing enterprise before? Guess I took a wrong turn in Albequerque.

Luckily Crystal Methodist helped me get on track and I can now speak the truth…I’m not quite sure what the truth is yet, but hey, I got my wings, who cares!

May 21, 2007 at 7:10 am 9 comments

Wear Wed Fwiday

Resplendant in his Stanfield boxers with Canada logo, Steve supports some happy troops.

May 17, 2007 at 11:20 pm 5 comments

Jim Prentice Quits to run for Assembly of First Nations

Ottawa’s Department of Redskin Affairs (and other extra-marital matters) has quit his post as Minister to run in the next Assembly of Fist Nations. Donning full regalia, Prentice held a press conference outside his backyard sweatlodge today.

“It cost me $200 to rent this outfit…all I ever wanted from the Ministry was a real buckskin outfit complete with headress, but would any Indian Band give me one? Huh? Huh? So now I’m running against Fil Phontaine because he’s gone from playing Ghandi on our payroll to being some kind of terrorist and insurgent, backing calls to blockade rail lines. There’s rumours a great-great-great-grandmother was half Mohawk or something like that. I’ll win them with humour too, check this:

What’s the definition of confusion? Father’s Day on the rez. Har har harharhar!

Why I’ll show that little s.o.b. Phontaine! Wait, am I taller than him? Nevermind, his days are numbered. Chief Terry Nelson and him are being very short sighted for the sake of their people. HOW do you think the Rez’s get their used clothes, rotten timber, green SPAM and eggs? Huh, tell me, hell, I’ll tell you…BY TRAIN!!! That’s right, the Purina Gravy Train!

Phontaine’s JOB is to keep the savages down…like why can’t he just play some nice classical music for Nelson, feed him beer, send him to a casino or something. How else can the government exploit resources but by keeping them calm with tainted fry-bread? instead I get this nonsense about June 29th being a big day of blockades and protests. Bah!

Man this outfit’s hot! I’ve gone commando too…heh heh, wait till the squaws get a peak of my little, er , I mean big one-eyed whitefish. Hi Ho, Silverado!

May 15, 2007 at 11:54 pm 7 comments

Canada’s New Government Changes Logo Again…

We all know that Harpo, Zeppo and Groucho changed the Government logo to ‘Canada’s New Government’…but when did they go to a different look? Why, I must have missed something while away…looks like the writers and producers of the B-rate continuuing ‘Who Dropped the Soap Opera’ series decided to go back to a neurtral look. However, the website still has the Prime Mordial’s page with the ‘New Government’ logo.

The NEW new logo says, ‘The True North Strong and Free’ .
Huh? Hey, I’m a terrorist and insurgent givng myself up because I support Native Sovereignty…maybe they’ll finally come get me for liberating the graphic and putting on it what it should say: ‘Our Home and NATIVE Land’ –

What’s REALLY disturbing is the ad on Canada’s site:
Is that ‘JOIN US’, or ‘JOIN U.S.’?
Too bad this version of the ad appeared tonight because earlier they had a great one full of subliminals….it looked like the torso of a soldier in the clouds, baring a hard-on. Hmmmm.

Meantime, Shawn Brandt ihas been charged for being part of a group of natives who stopped CN trains from running across the 6N rez ….oh gee, wonder why the trains were stopped? Maybe THE GOVERNMENT (gasp!) should have been tied across the tracks instead, just like Dudley Dooright coming upon Nell being placed there by Snidley Whiplash. Oh my, this ‘Who Dropped the Soap Opera’ is getting worse!!! Perhaps Shawn should file a counter claim.

Now why won’t come and arrest me?????? I liberate graphics from them, drive without a seatbelt, jaywalk, write about sovereignty, research ‘for the cause’ and promote it. what am I, chopped pemican or something?

I’ve even given them loads of search terms….am I really going to have to turn myself in, are they THAT lazy? Sheesh.

May 14, 2007 at 8:53 pm 20 comments

Confessions of an Insurgent

I confess. After reading THIS, I am convinced they should cuff me immediatley. In fact I may turn myself in….turn myself into what, I don’t know but it won’t be an apple (red on the outside, white on the inside).

Maybe they should come and get me right now. After all, if promoting or taking part of anything to do with Native Indian Sovereignty is a crime then throw me in Canadian Gitmo and pass the pemican, please. For gawd’s sake….I’ve posted stories here on indigenous sovereignty….I have a link to a website I created that has articles of ‘terrorist’ activities like reclaiming land in a peaceful way, promoting prayers, poking phun at the OPP, pointing to government and organization websites and addressess to pen letters, pickin on Gary MacHale, and overuse of the letter ‘P’ in general.

Note how I look….this is how insurgents look. Fangs to vampirically bite the necks of those who uphold the colonial system. Shiny, wonky eyes (the better to see them with), devi’s horns (they’re really e.s.p. antenae but don’t tell anyone that), Mr. Spock ears (to better hear them with). My heavens and stars, someone who promotes things like THIS legal opinion that shows the North American governments are in fraud and treason unto themselves, therefore not legal entities should be put away forever for seeing and pointing out the truth…because we all know THE TRUTH is not what BiG BROTHER wants us to know. Here, I’ll post some dangerous words, ‘ROCK ON SIX NATION CLAN MOTHERS, GO DEH CHO GO, INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF THE WORLD IGNITE (please light your smudges to say prayers).

If authorities don’t come and get me within two weeks I shall have to go to them and beg them to shackle me. It may be the only photo-op I get with Stephen Harper.

Remember to send cakes with files in them (no no no, not for breaking out, how could you think of letting a non-dangerous person out of jail!!!!….it’s for keeping a decent manicure and pedicure). OH, I promise to send postcards from the Hague!!!!

May 12, 2007 at 3:54 pm 7 comments

On Hiatus

ya ya ya, i know, i just had a mega break…..but i just can’t wrap my head around blogging right now. i’ll continue to visit some sites and who knows, maybe crystal methodist may appear from time to time, or FSP, or ‘If Only They Were Normal’.

May 4, 2007 at 4:51 pm 12 comments

Famous Stupid People # 19

and the winner is JJ of Unrepentant Old Hippie who correctly guessed one of Canada’s leading white supremesists, Gary MacHale!!!! Gary has a gross web site I won’t direct you to, but there’s a blog about him at Gary MacHale. You can go to the sicko’s website from there if you want.

Funny thing is, the site that exposes MacHale for what he is, scarfed a couple of my photoshops….i think that’s great!

Once again (finally), it’s famous stupid people time!!!!
This time it’s a male…rules on the sidebar.

Good to be back home but it’s kinda cold, iffin ya know what I mean 😀

May 1, 2007 at 5:20 pm 35 comments

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Because this is THE number one cause to donate to...until Canada recognizes it must deal on a nation to nation basis with First Nations ALL our laws and progress are impaired by a false system. ANY rights, be they gay, gender, minority, whatever, cannot be solved until we go back to the beginning and foundation of North America and honour the Two Row Wampum.

Mohawk Nation News and the Mohawk Clan Mothers lead the way on legal issues surrounding sovereignty. Please donate , it helps you too by bringing RULE OF LAW to Canada and the United States. PAYPAL

OR send cheque or money order to:
MNN Mohawk Nation News,
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Scott Tribes post on the fantasic children in a canadian indigenous community with no school who are working hard to get one….a MUST READ. petition to sign.
The Queendom of, clothing etc. to support Hawaiian Sovereignty

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Famous Stupid People Contest Winners:


Winnder of # 52 is Great Aunty Bertha of Ecclectic Eccentricity

Winner of #51 is Coyote of Wandering Coyote

Winner of #50 is Coyote of Wandering Coyote

Winner of #49 is Coyote of Wandering Coyote

Winner of #48 is Coyote of Wandering Coyote

Winner of #47 is Coyote of Wandering Coyote

Winner of #46 is Coyote of Wandering Coyote

Winner of #45 is Coyote of Wandering Coyote

Winner of the dastardly #44 is Coyote of Wandering Coyote

Winner # 43 is Q of North of Center

Winner #42 is Sassy of no fixed address

Winner #41 is Coyote of Wandering Coyote.

Winner #40 is Sassy of no fixed address

Winner #39 is Q of North of Center

#38 is WC of Wandering Coyote.
ANSWER= Ted Nugent

#37 is Annamarie of Verbena 19
ANSWER= Hillary Clinton

#36 is GAB of Eclectic Eccentricity.

#35 is Bruce of Canuk Attitude

#34 is Q of North of Center.

#33 is Sassy of no fixed address

#32 is Q of North of Center.

#31 is Ross of The Gazateer.


#30 winner is Wandering Coyote of Wandering Coyote.

#29 AND 28 winner is Q of North of Center.

# 27 Karen of Voyages of the HMS Swiftsure. ANSWER = BRIAN MULRONEY

# 26 Great Aunty Bertha of Eclectic Eccentricity. ANSWER: PRINCESS ANNE

# 25 AND # 24 winner is Wandering Coyote of Wandering Coyote. ANSWER: HAMID KARZI.

# 23 winner is Bruce of Canuk Attitude ANSWER: EVA BRAUN

# 22 winner is Great Aunty Bertha of Eclectic Eccentricity

# 21 is Wandering Coyote of Wandering Coyote

#20 is Liz who has no blogspot.

#19 is JJ of Unrepentant Old Hippie ANSWER=GARY MACHALE

#18 is Bruce of Canuk AttitudeANSWER= DALTON MACGUINTY

#17 is Jamie of And From These Ashes.... ANSWER: MARGARET THATCHER

#16 is Great Aunty Bertha of Eclectic Eccentricity. ANSWER: JOSPEH MACCARTHY

# 15 is Sheena of SheenaVision. ANSWER= NANCY REGAN

#14 is Great Aunty Bertha of Eclectic Eccentricity. ANSWER: The Pope

#13 is The Anon of Cyber Space. ANSWER: Barbara Bush

#12 is The Anon of no fixed address. ANSWER: Augusto Pinnochet

# 11 is The Rev of The Woodshed. ANSWER: Donald Trump

#10 is Sheena of SheenaVision ANSWER: Josef Stalin

#9 is JJ of Unperpentant Old HippieANSWER: The Queen of England

# 8 is Ron of Northern SuberviaANSWER=Fulgencio Batista

#6 AND #7 is Q of North of Center ANSWER #6= Felipe Calderon and ANSWER#7=Alessandra Mussolini

#5 is Bazz of Oi ! Thump !. ANSWER= Jane Russell

#4 is BCWaterboy of The Kalamalka Rainbow. ANSWER= "Michael Chertoff"

#3 is Annamarie of Verbena-19 ANSWER= "Laureen Harper"

#2 is Anon...who shall remain anonymous. ANSWER= "Idi Amin"

#1 is Austin of WildDogRoad ANSWER: Imedla Marcos

Useful Links for Activists

Comprehensive list of emails and sites for Canadian Govt., The U.N., other bodies and agencies

How'd They Vote is a resource site for accountability from
a YaYaCanada link

plus YaYa has posted
Tell Them What You Think
which breaks down the 39th parliament and lists emails.

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