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Prayers Needed

I can’t tell you where I am right now, but prayers are needed. Surveyors have been coming on the land that belongs to a Hawaiian man, and he is the kanahiki (steward) as well as owner. The surveyors do not have persmission. The are working for the State , who wants to divert water that floods the road…BUT diversion will affect the land and the sea and sacred ponds of the land, this is stuff PHd’s do not take into consideration, nor the ancient village ruins, the burial sites etc..

This all has to do with developement , not just water diversion, and the continueed efforts of developers to take this man’s land …this is all part of the continuued genocide of the Hawaiian people, and too many Hawaiians have been bought off or are greedy for what ‘progress’ would mean to their pocket books.

Today four cops were involved as the surveyors came back after I booted them off the other day. The surveyors and cops act innocent as to what is really going on, but one by one they give enough clues that you know damn well they know the score and the man who’s land it is has held up developement before and is doing it again.

Micheal Cousteau, the illigitamate son of Jaques is involved…for development, and it is all under the guise of ‘preserve and protect’ under Clinton’s National Park Program. B.S. on the national park and the Audobon Society who is at stake too as a realtor here’s daughter works for them and the realtor tried to make a grab for the property.

This is not something to fool around with. There have been attempts on the man’s life before, others have been killed. Ross Perault money is involved. And now, I am too.

Please pray for this land, the caretaker and owner , all who stay here , me, the rising nation of Hawaii and it’s people.

If Scout starts emailing you from jail, come and bust me out or send a file in a cake (joking, if they touch me they’ll have an international incident on their hands). But please be advised in case I need to call for support from politicians and any heavy weights you may know.

Thanks so much, mahalo, and please don’t tell Mr. Scout, he’ll have a fit!!!!!!!!!!


January 30, 2007 at 7:09 pm 12 comments

Where I’m staying now…

This is at a place called Kawa, where Uncle lives. I’m staying here, sans electricity and running water. It’s pretty crude but comfortable and people bring fish, ice and da kine for Uncle. He didn’t want me to post his picture but you can see a u-tube of him at

The developers and government are trying to take over Kawa and make it into a protected park….only Uncle owns the title. This man is kanahiki of the land and knows every plant, rock , you name it from the sea to the mountain. Being his kuliana (responsibility) and following land kapu (the ultimate in sustainability) he has intimate knowledge and the land, sea and it’s history. No Phd. could touch what he does or knows.

I had a nap today and woke up because a mongoose was on me!!! Cheeky devil. They sneak in to steal fruit and what not.

Uncle makes things the old way and I rub kakui nut oil that’s worth a fortune but he’d never sell , all over me. It’s quite pungent, and between that and not having had a proper bath for a week now, well, it’s not a smell for everyone but the oil grows on you. …and it keeps the mosquitoes away πŸ™‚

Uncle says I am now ready to utilize everything I’ve learned, apply it and teach it. I feel the strength of my mana (spirit) coming through way, way stronger when I do work on people. This is thanks to people like Uncle and my sisters in my spirit circle back home. Nothing like some teaching, training and guidance to help focus your gift. Hmmm, best wash up somehow if someone calls on me (well, I worked on a camper the other day and they never said anything about the zone of p.u. I’m putting out).

This weekend I meet again with a woman kahuna , which will be good to learn more of the wahine side of Hawaiian healing. Yay!!!!

January 22, 2007 at 3:45 pm 17 comments

Hawaiian Hottie for Simon (and the other boys!)

Whoa! Here’s a gorgeous Hawaiian man!!!!! Posted especially for Simon, but hey, girls and boys alike may like this hottie. Drool away (I was too shy to get more shots of the guy…some gal on my own i am!!!).

Am at my friend Uncle Abel’s now, getting worked on and receiving more teachings. I’ll ask him later if I can do a post about him and put up a pic.

Below is an outdoor laundromat who’s whereabouts I’ll never tell (woman in picture is my Hawaiian sister who hanied [adopted] me). There’s enough stuff in the tour books that used to just be known to locals without revealing some of the other hidden treasures. hopefully will have a story of adventure to tell you after the weekend, we’ll see when it will take place….you never know here. meantime I’m much, much better thanks to Uncle and the dry air of Kau. Uncle’s is at a place called Kawa, which was the training grounds for all the Alii (royalty) for everything . When I’m sitting outside his cabin I’ve got my feet on thousands of year old celestial markers in the lava. Way cool!!!

January 18, 2007 at 8:08 pm 13 comments


Here’s where one of the fingers of live lava from Madame Pele flows into the ocean. While I’m down with mild pneumonia (and Hawaii is a good place to be while sick), I did get out to the flow on new year’s eve and capture a few shots. I went with friend’s from the ‘end of the road’ side, as oppossed to the National Park (where they’d never let you get this close). It was awesome and there was a skyligh nearby where you could peer through a hole and see the lava running like a river underneath. Whoa!!!

Later on it was over to Uncle Robert’s Awa bar to drink the numbing mix , chill out and watch the keiki’s (children) light the fireworks and listen to a live, acoustic Hawaiian folk band . Some slack key guitar, ukele and falsetto voices make a delicious blend with the awa. A great way to bring in the new years, and Mahina (the moon) was shining almost full.

I did get camping for two days but it was raining state wide….hmmm. To date the weather’s not been on my side but the beauty still is and there’s always time to ‘talk story’ , like about the self proclaimed german kahuna trying to tell me the Godess was about to come back, kill all the men and liberate the women and children. Ah, right. I let her know Godess was here and she will be liberating everyone, she does not make things gender specific. The best part was I was with a real Hawaiian kahuna, who repllied to her, ‘I am just happy to be plain and simple me’.

Yup, there’s a self appointed guru in every crowd these days πŸ™‚

Also had some guy trying to hit on me but he was real creepy (hey, how come I don’t get the hunks?) and I told him to get away. Turns out he was a known pedophile so I guess the antenae were working. Oh, wait, I did have a hot guy hit on me…wow….almost forgot, it happens so rarely!!! Ya, gee, I think I even took his pic…don’t know if it would be appropriate to post though (no no no, he wasn’t naked, I just don’t have his permission!!!).

Camping attempt again soon now that the state-wide rain has ended. Meantime a friend is putting me up and I’m sleeping in an old warehouse (yup, when Scout holidays, only the best for me). As far as warehouses go, this has a 3 star rating :). Guess I should take a few shots just to show you my palatial quarters.


January 14, 2007 at 10:38 pm 11 comments

For Valentines Day…Give Him a Hookah

Now on E-Bay, the all new Patriot Hookah: The Afghan Bomber. Blow your brains out in a whole new way with opium shaped like little helmets and missiles. Classic red, white and blue lends its homeland motif to any nation imperialized by the U.S.. Just a few hits off this puppy and you’ll be signing away your minerals, lumber and water in no time short.

Paypal accepted but you must have troops in Afghanistan to qualify. Bidding starts at $50 US.

January 6, 2007 at 12:31 pm 12 comments

If Only They Were Normal # 17 – Mel Gibson

The drunk, bigotted, weirdo Xstian actor/filmmaker Mel Gibson has decided to become ‘normal’ and live out life as a kangaroo.

“G’day. Just call me ‘Melaroo’ now. I’ve given it all up. It’s obvious I don’t cut it as a human being so I’ve checked my ego in Syndey and will be hopping about the outback for the rest of my days. There’s no such thing as religion or race in the animal kingdom so it seems the only way to go for a mate like me. Crikey, I don’t know which is harder to give up, the turps or the vegemite.

Anyways, now the doc film makers will chasing after me, quite the change, but they’ll have to be fast to catch me, I’ve no interest and they can mind their own bizzo.”

January 5, 2007 at 1:04 pm 10 comments

Federal Politicians Contaminated With Chemicals

Environmental Defence did blood testing on four federal politicians and found the chemical contaminants in their system higher then average. The tests were done on Environment Minister Rona Ambrose, Health Minister Tony Clement, NDP Leader Jack Layton and Liberal environment critic John Godfrey.

Think the toxic environs of polictics has anything to do with it? Maybe Steve is giving away free non-stick cookware to his most undesirables. OH NO…it couldn’t have been the KBG spy???

Well , brighten up, MP’s, remember,you all have the power to create a better health care system for your twighlight years…..meantime, enjoy the twighlight zone .

January 3, 2007 at 9:14 pm 12 comments

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