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Because Mother Earth is a Living Organism

mother.earthBecause Mother Earth is a living organism, one that breathes , reproduces new land from molten lava,  She has feelings and emotions too.  Perhaps the climate change this time around is She is in menopause , which on the grand scale means She’s been in it for a while and will continue to be far longer then we might ever expect.  And because She’s in menopause She’s no longer a maiden or a maid , She’s an apprentice crone.  Becoming a crone means no longer taking the abuse , misuse and crucial elements of the dark side of human beings.  She is shaking us parasites off Her back….She will no longer tolerate mange.

So while the economy continues to slide and us parasites look for any glimmer of hope (like the CBC’s report on Canada’s economy recovering slightly in June) , we ain’t seen nothing yet.  So why the freak outs?  A false foundation will do that, and the world’s economy and systems are false.  Mother Earth will provide, no matter what.  She is generous, maybe to a fault.   She gives us roofs over our heads, food and water, clothing.  And we have had the audacity to poison our very existence.

Report after report cannot make up for the truth.  Please take some time to look at the truth according to the Mayan Calendar Prophecies and the ‘end of the world as we know it’, cause this is as close as we’re going to get to really understanding what’s going on.  All indigenous prophecies line up now, the acceleration is mind boggling sometimes – it’s also referred to as “The Quickening” or the “Time of the White Eagle”.

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll have discovered many people re-entering your life…being in situations you were once in long ago,  or places.   This is a measure of how we approach matters now , it’s a test, do not adjust your set, just your attitude.

August 31, 2009 at 9:56 am 2 comments

Hawaii’s Governor Linda Lingle


She’s Republican.  She creates surplus finds.  She’s all about tourists, the American Way, and does more harm to Hawaiian’s then a mongoose could shake a stick at.  Governor Linda Lingle’s style is to round up the homeless on the beaches and put them in transitional housing (read warehouse style) to make the beaches sanitized and show a false Hawaii….it’s kinda like the government and lumber giants here creating the ‘big green lie’ with rows of trees along highways to hide the clear cuts.  Only we’re talking ‘the brown-skinned lie’ with Lingle …and things like why subdivisions created for Hawaiians were created 20 years ago but service and contstrucion never started until last year.

This and yet she was wondering what to do with the Sates surplus????

She is happy to have increaed military training, which means striker units buried all over the islands, more troops and machinery, missile testing etc. on Mauna Kea (yes, let’s do this on a sacred volcano) and continues to approve of more observatories build on Mauna Kea (how many observatories are needed, i mean, really?).

She supported the fast ferry effort that would have seen the tourist build to the lesser tourist islands like Kawii, Molokaii and the Big Island crunch into Hawaiian culture as well as serve as transport for , guess who, the military.

Linda Lingle, Hawaii and the world don’t need more people like you.  We need people who actually care about who’s land it really is to steward and someone who respects the ancient ways mixed in with the 21st century.  Please….no more acceptance of invitations like when Ross Perault wanted to build a space-port (like wtf?).

Get rid of quiet title to the big , haoli drug pushers can’t take the flesh of the women, create an addicted ohanna (family) from that and then assume the land because of false debt.  Get rid of the laws that allow realtors and developers to simply claim Hawaiian land and who gives a flying fuck if the poor Hawaiian bastard has title ….or any of the myriad of other things that make the ‘real Hawaii’ so gorgeous, the Hawaii where the real Aloha exists, not the mere dilution of the word into some tacky tourist greeting instead of the deep and prophetic word it is.

ALOHA = the presence of Divine breath.  Leave it to Lingle and her ilk of generations behind her to trivialize the sacred.   NO LINDA LINGLE, I don’t want “Your Hawaii”.

August 30, 2009 at 12:30 pm 5 comments

Da Fuck, You Say!

Sun2503N Homeless 1m.jpgOh those pesky governments are at it again, and this time fucking (more) with the homeless.

British Columbia and the Feds are joining together to offer homeless people housing if they’ll partake in research studies. Criteria – you must be mentally ill.  Besides this foreshadowing the rise of eugenics again, it’s a completley bogus move to:

1. Keep the homeless disempowerd

2. Continue delays on housing to penny pinch for the Olympics (suites in B.C. Housing have already been closed down for months with no start on the promised rennos that would take 4-6 months.  Think, duh ya, da Glibs will rent out the suites for quadruple their value to Olympic visitors?  Think maybe they’ll take those funds and allocate a portion of them to the homeless?

3.  Yes! Let’s create more studies, thereby replicating the ones already out there – province and feds, go to the cloakroom, you can’t even cheat properly!

4. Would they even THINK to have the homeless create intentional communities where WE make the rules above and beyond existing common law?  Oh no , couldn’t go the route of Portland’s Dignity Village and give power to the people.  And what are some of their rules – no drugs or alchol within a block of the premises……yes, they came up with that on their own. AND a minimum of volunteer hours put in to the community.  Think the prov and fed gangs would even THINK of letting people have empowerment?

It’s a disgrace and a sham.  File this one under, ‘fucked up beyond  belief”.

August 28, 2009 at 1:09 pm 4 comments

Famous Stupid People #49



wow!  just one away from FSP #50!  this time it’s a female, rules are on the sidebar.

I think grand prizes should be awarded….for instance, a night with JJ’s animals……brunch at Q’s (he’ll pick up the airflight tab)……..oh, maybe coyote can whip up some delicious meal and ross and bruce can serve it.  sassy and steve will seranade you while GAB and anna-marie will detail your car.  what say?

August 24, 2009 at 10:02 pm 30 comments

Santa Legal Clause – The Arctic Once Again

stephen.harper.santa.clause“Use it or lose it” is PM Stephen Harper’s battle cry to the troops he has stationed in the Arctic. It’s really very simple.  To conquer the far north one only has to be Santa Clause and that may be the only clause Harper has to stand on in his continuing ‘passive’ fight to hold on to Canada’s northern reaches….BECAUSE, Santa Steve doesn’t have a leg to stand on.  It’s all right here, speaking of legal clauses, in the Mohawk Manifesto – the BIG GUN Steve wants to avoid.

Yes he admits it’s all about resources , and my, look at that diamond he’s just itching to sell to Her Majesty , or the barrels of oil he thinks is up there, and the bludgeoned harp seal , give him a break now because Europe may not be buying but there’s always a black market.

And what’s a main resource?  People.  The Inuit.  You know, the ‘people who don’t wipe their bums’ (a federal typo on the spelling of Nunavut’s capital translated to that).  This evil santa has already seem the decimation of a once nomadic culture shoved into clapboard housing and the effects and tolls the continuing genocide has produced, especially with the children.  He knows.  He still won’t grant schools.  He has nothing in mind to solve children drinking gasoline.  He has nothing but $$$ signs in his eyes, and my how he loves to don a white beard.

Canada, Russia, United States, Denmark et al, get over it!!!!  You’ve already fucked up the north enough.  Go fuck yourselves for a change!

August 19, 2009 at 8:22 pm 4 comments

Brokeback Mountain, Christian Edition

August 19, 2009 at 6:41 pm 5 comments

Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene

August 19, 2009 at 5:03 pm 2 comments

WASPS Invade Toronto

mission.allianceToronto has a WASP invasion. The Christian Missionary Alliance Church has signed up new congregation members in the droves.  Don”t be fooled that these White Anglo Saxon Protestants are targeting minority groups.  Drones come in all shapes and sizes.  Toronto residents are finding these WASPS at their doorsteps, in malls, at fairs and events doing their best to recruit for Stephen Harper, I mean God.    Or do I mean Stephen Harper?  Wait!  God has a big white beard, right?

stephen.harper.godUm, he’s touching himself.  Isn’t that called blasphemy or something?

August 19, 2009 at 7:30 am

Global Warming

global.warmingJust my own little bit of work to make a statement.

August 18, 2009 at 9:24 pm 4 comments

Is That Gaff or Gaffe? Canada’s Seal Hunt


Canada’s Primordial Minister is defending the harp seal hunt (when really, a much healthier thing would be Harper hunting) to the world.  Yup , the European Union has banned seal products from Canada, calling the hunt inhumane.  Why Trade Minister Stickwell day is vowing to challenge this at the World Trade Organization.  Whoooooooo… they’ll really listen to him, especially because the PM says, “This industry, you know, has tight standards, the tightest in the world. The standards of this industry, quite frankly, are better than many other industries that deal with animal products.”  Get it right, Harper Seal, over 350,000 seals are bludgeoned to death every year with them thar Newfie gaffs.

And as for the Inuit, if you wanna continue killing seals, which I have no problem with, then use harpoons or guns….anything that gives a quicker and more assured aim and demise.


The PM’s office let out a news release spelling the town of Iqaluit as Iqualuit, which means, “People with unwiped bums”.  Nice one, Steve.  News sources say the Inuit of Nunavut are both chuckling and angry.

Steve is going up north for a few days…..he’ll be trying to convince the Inuit to help Canada defend the Artic and win votes with his seal hunt views.   Good luck, Mister Steve!

August 18, 2009 at 1:52 pm 9 comments

The Sky Isn’t Falling – Wait, Yes It Is (TXS and Harper Confusion)

blur.stBut, but, Steve!  Your government says it can save us!  Yes, yes, yes, Jim Flaherty’s being cautious about optimism, BUT STEVE your pet selling off of Canadian resources took at dive today on the TSX….is that what you want so you can sell low?

Or, Mr. Steve,  the guy who loves to wear hard hats and dress up in military and other outfits, are you and Mrs. Dress-up getting worried yourselves because your own investments , all in Boreen’s name of course,  just aren’t performing (economy down?  try all new dollar-booster viagra).   Will you try to slide in a raise for MP’s?   How will you thwart any new non-confidence motion (if the opposition has the balls to go there).

And my oh my, Mr. Steve, whatever are you going to do about the increasing homeless, employment insurance recipients , blah blah blah, yadda yadda social programs?  What;s that, let NAFTA do away with them because anything that reeks of republican must be good for your sphincter?    Well, Mr. Steve who loves to bullshit, I have a few suggestion for that sphincter of yours but you may not like them, eh?

August 17, 2009 at 9:58 pm

Famous Stupid People #48

stupidpeoplesmall11  ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! we have  a pychic coyote on our hands as she just correctly guessed elizabeth dole!

August 11, 2009 at 12:11 pm 39 comments

On The Road Again – The All New Three Amigos Meet over NAFTA

obama.harper.calderonThe faces may have changed but the all new Three Amigos are meeting in Mexico over NAFTA issues….or is that “Canada and Mexico Still Getting Stiffed”?  Our boy, Harpo, will be bringing in Canada’s new visa requirements for Mexican tourists so we don’t – GASP – end up with Mexicans claiming refugee status.

The crux of the meeting is all about The U.S. still driving the wheel when it comes to Mexican trucks hauling goods across the border.  Funny how that was a drop-out in some of Canada’s major media outlets.  But no matter what, the U.S. wants protectionism when it comes to the trucking trade and Obama is holding out for his drivin’ and swampin’ buddies.

So if NAFTA is supposed to be all about free trade and a type of amalgamation that would see the end of subsidies and protectionism for the 3 countries that make up North America, how come the United States is still shiny side up and greasy side down?   Obama says it’s because of the economy but really, is he going to be any different from his predeccesors when it comes to playing big kid on the block?  I doubt it, which makes NAFTA even more of a farce then it has been.

Good luck, amigos, as you sort out ‘movement’ , drugs, and who’s still the boss.  While he keeps on trying, Harper still won’t have a one on one with Barak…not until September, seems no matter how hard he tries to be big man on campus the other kids won’t let him and my oh my how he must hate that because he’s been trying ever so hard since he was elected to be at the forefront of world leaders.  IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN, STEVE!

File this one under “Pendejos”.

August 9, 2009 at 10:42 am 1 comment

Abbey Road – 40 Years Young…

Abbey Road.  Hard to believe.  I still keep the disc in my van and play it.  WAIT!  Wot’s that…Tony, are you still peeved you never made it in the music biz?


My fave is still the medley that goes into Carry that Weight and Golden Slumbers

August 8, 2009 at 8:18 pm 1 comment

The Big Duh

stephen.harper.gayThink he’ll get it now?  Will the Big Duh accept a report from the American Psychological Association’s 183 page conclusion that reviewed 80, that’s EIGHTY studies that says “There is no evidence that sexual orientation change efforts work”.  Of course he’ll wait upon reaction from U.S.’ian Republican Uber Christian organizations FIRST , but my guess is Canada’s Numero Uno somehow just won’t see the light.

Thanks to Mark at Slap Upside the Head for the story.

August 7, 2009 at 7:33 am

If Only They Were Normal #21 – Gordon Campbell

gordon.campbellBritish Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell has resigned and taken up a new life as a guru.  Said Campbell, “I’ve left a lasting legacy, harmonious tax.  This means 10% for everyone and no more corporate welfare”.   Speaking from a homless shelter in Whistler, Campbell noted that harmonious tax will be paid on summer solstice and he encourages people to partake in ceremony that day knowing what’s fair for the rich is also fair for the poor.  “Really”, said Campbell, “Life is not about money and big business.  It’s our human relationships with each other and Mother Earth”.

Gordon had to leave early from the brief interview to attend a protest rally against the 2010 Olympics, saying only that he made a big mistake, and hopes his 12,000 ohms a day will help fill his bankrupt karma bank.

August 3, 2009 at 11:22 pm

Vancouver Pride Parade 2009

holy smokes it was a long parade…Vancouver Pride keeps growing and growing!!!

A highlight for me was watching bro-in-law shame simpson (ndp m.l.a. east vancouver hastings).  Shane walked along with his own pride…not hard to do i imagine, when done with the courage of your convictions, and knowing that’s what your party stands behind is the right of minorities.  the first shot has Cathy Corrigan beside him….egads, the irish mafia 😀


dykes on bikes is a loud procession of proud mamas on their 2 wheels and despite the amount of exhaust one breathes in it’s really one of the funnest parts of the parade.  WAY more bare chested riders then last year and it was great to see mammary glands out in the open (how much longer before the lawmakers finally get that breasts are not sexual organs???


lord knows what Iggy thinks of Hedy Fry, but i tell ya, that gal LOVES to dress up and support pride.


and for simon and bruce….i tried taking pics of some hotties but i’m getting slower and lazier every year.  none the less , here goes:


as well as the fun there was the sobering, like the two gals in pseudo undertaker’s garb pushing a large wreath for those who have died (they weren’t specific but the married queens sitting next to me and i deduced it was for everything from aids victims to elders who had fought for  our rights long ago.  ‘Stonewall’ posters showed up here and there.

but fun and pride were at the core and i’m happy i was there!

August 2, 2009 at 10:59 pm 4 comments

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Because this is THE number one cause to donate to...until Canada recognizes it must deal on a nation to nation basis with First Nations ALL our laws and progress are impaired by a false system. ANY rights, be they gay, gender, minority, whatever, cannot be solved until we go back to the beginning and foundation of North America and honour the Two Row Wampum.

Mohawk Nation News and the Mohawk Clan Mothers lead the way on legal issues surrounding sovereignty. Please donate , it helps you too by bringing RULE OF LAW to Canada and the United States. PAYPAL

OR send cheque or money order to:
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Scott Tribes post on the fantasic children in a canadian indigenous community with no school who are working hard to get one….a MUST READ. petition to sign.
The Queendom of, clothing etc. to support Hawaiian Sovereignty

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