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The 2010 Old-Limp-Pricks

well, imagine that…no pic!  sometimes what you can’t see is scarier then what you can…for instance, the waste of time and money to stage the 2010 Old-Limp-Pricks while tens of thousands of Canadians remain homeless,  the country runs as a theocracy, rights have been stripped from First Nations, Gays, and ‘brown skinned people’.  

B.C. has instituted what is very close to the War Measures Act by allowing police the ability to ‘force’ (their word choice) homeless people into shelters and jails during extreme winter (yes, we’ve already read ‘Vancouver Street Sweep’ to hide as many homeless and us bums during the five ring fiasco).  And let’s not forget that the cops have been granted the power to enter a house or apartment and tear down any ‘unofficial olympic signage’ (in the name of protecting commercialism, guffaw, guffaw, and what is really tactics to keep protests down).

With the Old-Limp-Pricks Torch having made it’s way to Victoria to begin it’s Canadian voyage , protestors decided not to confine themeselves to allotted corridors….we’s gittin’ serious here and who knows what will happen to anything as innocent again as Jaghi Sing catapulting teddy bears and going to jial?  Does this mean Olympic Mascot ephigy tossers will end up doing time in Mission or Kingston, or wherever?  Oh dear, poor little Todo or whatever the hell they’re calling these anime characters , got burned – hmmm- just like the unrealizing public.

K, time for supper now at the homeless shelter i’m in…good food here and yes,  i’m lucky, because O’Canada, you need many, many more of these.


October 31, 2009 at 5:01 pm 2 comments

Shelter, Day 3

We’ve had breakfast (cold cereal, scratchy dry toast) and what goes most through my mind is ‘my, how close i am to complaining yet riding on the thought that i am so lucky compared to most in the world’.  it’s a strage paradox to live.

the most excitement here is when someone starts a fight (lots of verbal stuff goes down between the guys but so far no fisticuffs). i had a roommate last night, she came in while i was sleeping, her phone alarmed at 7am.  she was all freaked out as couldn’t find her clothes.  i guess whoever did her intake didn’t explain properly about the clothes donation closet (really, they have some very nice threads in there) and how all your clothes get washed before being handed back to you (a rule i like). 

but, hmm, for lack of better creatvivity this cold, rainy morning i’ll call her ‘ms. freak-out).   myself and others tried to expain to her about the clothing closet but she only got louder and freakier saying, ‘i’m not wearing donated clothing because then i’ll look like  a dirty pig and i have a work experience interview this morning and you guys are all making me late for it cause you won’t give me my clothes back”. 

whatever, have a nice day, ms. freakout…..she just can’t wrap her head around things yet and i hope she calms down, for her own good. 

i worked on a guy’s third degree burns last night and it felt good to be able to relieve him of some pain.  then it was a woman with a head ache from the swine flu shot.  another woman had to go to the hospital as her swine flu shot reaction was severe.  hmmmm.  they want us all to participate now by wiping down the door handles etc. every two hours with bleach….i can’t say if that will really help or not but it is a pro-active approach and really, we need to keep busy here.

meantime, the b.c. liberals have been caught with their pants down AGAIN over olympic spending…they are trying to find a venue for a high falutin’ evening to schmooze with the rich who may be interested in investing in b.c..  my answer is, of course, to have it at a homeless shelter so we can all meet face to face and they can actually see who they’re screwing over.  in other words, civilizatiion is measured by how one takes care of one’s own….yes i’m luckier then a myriad of people around the world….but why should the business community fart out pati foi de gras when i’m farting dry , scratchy toast?

now it’s off to the pharmacy for me to get my prescriptions refilled.  i’ll stretch that visit out to have a tour of london drugs 😀

October 29, 2009 at 9:50 am 6 comments

Gimme Shelter

Gimme%20Shelter[1] OOPS! not that kind of shelter….more da real kine….and so , folks, this is scout comin’ at ya from the north shore homeless shelter in beautiful down town north vancouver.

it’s getting damned cold out and i’m tired and weary from bouncing around from place to place so will hole up here and HOPE they find me housing soon!!!!

this shelter is like being in an institutionalized  hostel of some sorts….save that we get three squares a day.   room accesss after breakfast is only from 12:30 to 2pm (it’s nice to grab  a quick nap as sleeping is kind of on and off as there’s not enough blankets)….other then that there ‘s  two computers and a big screen tv that can be on from 6-11pm.

the male to female ratio is quite high , i’d say about 3/4 men, which has me a bit baffled and yet not, iffin’ ya know what i mean.

and that’s about it for now.   more reports later from the ‘not much happening here’ department.

October 28, 2009 at 4:58 pm 3 comments

Famous Stupid People #52, Continuued….

stupidpeoplesmall11she’s done it again!!!!! i can’t believe it…..Wandering Coyote has correctly guessed former prez of Pakistan,  PERVEZ MUSHARRAF.   i think i quit 😀

October 24, 2009 at 6:06 pm 12 comments

Olympic Torch Passes Test

olympic.torch The Olympic torch is lit and on it’s way, after mega testing done by sumo wrestlers, Su Shee and Upyur  Goziama successfully did their part for the test run.

While the torch has many miles to journey yet, it will culminate with the sumo boys , after having consumed several barrels of beans (pork was eliminted because of swine flu fears), blow a big one on laser sight line aimed at Mt. Garibaldi.  Mt. Garibaldi holds status as the next , new ski hill in British Columbia.

Test runs went fine, save for a worker who got in the way and now supports 3rd degree burns. Su Shee and Upyer Gozamia experienced minor hair singeing.

VANCOCK committee spokesperson, Gaseous Clay, says the worker is fine and feels honoured his burns depict a giant Jesus on his chest.  The countdown to the OWElympics (thank Alison at Creekside for having coined that phrase) is fast approaching with still not enough money in sight.

B.C. Premier Gordoff Campbell says he will introduce legislation to have the homeless wear vests with the Olympic logo on them and all money collected going towards this mega athletic event.  Campbell will not let Olympic beggars keep a red cent of the take, saying, ‘They got themselves into their mess on their own so they can damn well give back to a good cause”.  Former Alberta Premier, Ralph Klein has been appointed as CEO of the collection committee, while Social Developement Minister, Rich Colemanstove will oversee the lighting of the ass torch.  He warns, “If anyone gets in the way they’re gonna get burned and our province is just not into burning anyone except bums…like real bums, you know , the kind with addictions and mental illness that we will force into shelters”.

喝采 (cheers!).

October 22, 2009 at 8:54 am 2 comments

Swine Flu Vaccine is Here!!!

swine.flu.vaccine According to CBC News, the Swine Flu Vaccine is finally here and ready to be injected into the arms of willing victims.

The serum is made from fetal pigs, which has many a high school science teacher up in arms as they say there won’t be enough fetal pigs for their students to disect.

According to H1N1 source Dr. Sow Inclined, Canada had a tough time sorting out priorities – was it best to let kids cut up unborn swine or let the conspiracy hit harder at home by experimenting on youth, the elderly, and ethnic groups.

When asked if it is morally right to be using pig fetuses, Reverend Porky Porcine of the Pro-Life group Boaring for Power, said, “of course it’s right.  We are only concerned with human fetuses.  Pigs have no intelligence, why do you think Jews don’t eat pork?  We are human and build great things like nuclear war heads, chem trails, and Prime Sinisters like Stephen Harper.  Does a pig do anything like that…NO!  They sit around in their own muck and make flus.   Hog farmers around the world were desperate to pay their production costs so contacted the World Health Organization and Wille Nelson to gain more rights for farmers.  We’ve even convinced schools to eliminate stories like ‘The 3 Little Piggies” from the elementary curriculum, and senior and junior highschools to drop “Lord of the Flies”.  ”

It’s not yet known when the vaccine will start to be used on Canadian guinea pigs, but that’s all in keeping with cob roller politics.

Hey Canada, enjoy your ration of bacon vaccine soon!!!  And remember, Porky Pig is a terrorist.

October 21, 2009 at 8:43 am 2 comments

Queen Presents Chretien With Guitar Player

queen.chretien Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth has presented former Liberal Prime Minstral, Jean Chretien with a Guitar Player guitar to go along with his award of merit.

Chretien was flabbergasted , knowing this award has gone to greats like ABBA, Captain and Tenile, The Carpenters and Barry Manilow.

Cretien, a long time rock tosser was exited the Queen chose a Flying-V knock off and hinted at playing for Michael Iggy Pop to bring the Liberals standings up.  At the time of this post , Chretien had only this to say, “Well, ya know, I tank da Queen and will give my playing new added bonus ’cause I wanna be da best”.

The Queen had no comment but could be seen shuffling her feet like they were itchy.  Oh, pardon me, a report just came in to say that’s the way she dances.

October 20, 2009 at 9:14 am

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