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Repetetive Sin

ehudolmertmrburns Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Burns:  “Annihalate the Palestinains?  Excellent!  Excellent!!”

The opening sentence today from Al Jazeera reads: Israeli warplanes have resumed their air strikes on Gaza, blasting targets all over the Strip, including a mosque and a TV station.

The opening sentence from the Jeruslem Post reads: In the heaviest military strike against the Gaza Strip since the 1967 Six Day War, the Israel Air Force bombed over 170 targets on Saturday, killing more than 230 Palestinians, as Israel launched “Operation Cast Lead,” aimed at putting a stop to Hamas rocket attacks against the South.

 Right off the bat the Jerusalam Post included an excuse for this operation of carnage.  

 – When a person who was abused as a child does not recognize themselves as carrying on with the same behavior it’s called basic denial.  Guess what Israel, you learned nothing from the Holocaust.  You have no excuses, you are mean piggies.   

Ehud, go visit Gaza, you’ll have more then a shoe thrown at you.  And guess what, Hitler would be proud of you so exactly WHAT do you think you’re doing?  I can’t wait till you’re out of office and your country opens it’s eyes and elects someone decent who isn’t a conservative asshole like you.

December 27, 2008 at 9:36 pm 9 comments

A Merry Harper Christmas


Steve and some of the boys dance, just for you!

  Merry Christmas from Harper Valley!

Scouty is back in the United States, FINALLY…what an oddessy trying to get out of Mexico.  But I did it, I drove most of the country, was ripped off twice by cops, once by Federales, and the constant Military checks were, um, disconcerting.  I had some magical moments I’ll never forget, saw spectacular scenery and made good friends – with mechanics!!!

I am now the first International member of a VW Club (my angles with grease and oil on their wings who worked through nights and weekends to rebuild my tranny, toured me through their city, cooked on hell of an awesome barbeque for me and OMG what sweet, sweet men! 

I walked to the border in Nogales , picked up auto parts on the American side and walked back without getting hit by a stray bullet :D.  and most of all I made it to Isla Mujeres to the Goddess Ixchell’s temple, which was my initial goal.  It was there on a full moon night I found a perfect, small little conch shell, and this is my biggest tangible treasure from Mexico.   

It’s freezing, snowing, blowing here in central California but being with old friends makes up for it.  I’ll spend Christmas here then once again, it’s time to go to Hawaii, which seems to becoming my home.

So have a good one, my blogging amigos and amigas, Felize Navidad, and may we all connect in spirit like shining lights with the good things we have in this life.

Love ya!!!

December 23, 2008 at 9:03 am 4 comments

If Only They Were Normal

stephenharpergreenman “Happy Solstice from Parliament Hill, the home of pagan debauchery.  Please be begatting while being merry and partaking in fertility rites.  For those of you of other persuasions , indulge, indulge, for the naturally occurring in nature is the nature to occur in humans!  


December 20, 2008 at 9:24 am 4 comments

Steve Visits Santan, er, Santa

stephenharperchristmassanta  “Ho Ho Ho , well, that’s a pretty tall order, Stevie, but I’ll see what I can do about everyone loving you and being given Canada as your toy”.

December 19, 2008 at 6:28 pm 2 comments

Hey Harper….DUCK!

stephenharpershoes Isn’t it about time Harper got the boot…er, shoes?  Nice budget, NOT!

 Just think….”Your Image Here”…go ahead, make Steve’s day !


December 18, 2008 at 7:34 pm 2 comments

Famous Stupid People #40

stupidpeoplesmall1  AND THE WINNER IS SASSY of no fixed address unless she gives me permission to link her blog……sassy correctly guessed DICK CHENEY!

December 14, 2008 at 8:28 pm 29 comments

Bush’s Last Stand

_45296676_bushtalabani_afp226  President George Bush makes his third and final visit to Iraq.

“Think Cheney will try to ice me while I’m here so he can take over and Barak won’t rule?  

 It’s been a slice.  ‘Bout the worse thing for me is wearing these flackjacket tighty whities.”

December 14, 2008 at 8:04 am

Party Animals

stephenharperharpseal1 Stephen Harp Seal.  Able to drag itself anywhere.  Loves ice and anything cold.  Eats the little fish so he can be the biggest.  Prefers mother seals to have their pups so they can be bludgeoned with inadequate services rather then giving female seals the right to choose.   Party style?  Close friends gathered to listen to him play his keyboards.  Cheap white wine 3/4 glass/person. , Costco or Walmart bulk snacks.  Play board games and try not to lose temper if you lose.

michaelignatieffiguana Michael Iguana-tieff.  Cold blooded lizard out for only it’s own survival.  A lashing tongue coated with sweetness to attract prey.  Hangs out in the desert looking for opportunities.  Beware, he may hug and kiss but he’ll gobble you up if given the chance.  Party style?  Name drop like hell to attract the cream of some kind of crop:  promise adoring fans to do a reading from your book, ensure that ‘the people’ are present only as subserviant workers.

jacklaytonrabbit Jack Layton-Rabbit.  Kicks with hind feet.  Fast runner.  Holds onto left foot as feels it gives him luck.  Not easy to snare as is fast,  like a used care salesman…pops back into hole when chased.  If he suspects you are a fellow rabbit he’ll draw you into the tribe.  Party style?  Pot-luck and gather the attenders in circle before eating to turn what may have been a prayer into a speech.  Beer, red wine and ethnic dishes.

gillesduceppegoosestep Gilles Goosestep.   Sticks his neck out because he knows he can.  Caution, if struck by Goosestep party wing , it may hurt like hell.  Prefers you maintain V formation and he’ll do almost anything to keep it that way although creative experimentation is allowed.  Party style?  Dancing and talk politics during breaks, ensuring the discussions are intellectual/philisophical.  Open bar and catered by sister-in-law.

elizabethmaykermitfrog  Elizabeth ‘Kermie’ May.  What can I say, ‘It’s not easy being green’.

December 13, 2008 at 2:31 pm 2 comments

Deficit LIKELY???

clementtony1 Industry Minister Tony Clement?  Oh ya, he’s the guy who worshipped Ronal Regan and Margaret Thatcher when he was younger.   Well his allegiances seem to run the same, after all he is a tora-tora-tory and is as admiring of the Bush government as anything else.  So Tony is waiting for the U.S. to have another go-round with an auto-pact, the initial one falling dead on the Senate floor.  In preperation he’s made a pact so the Canuk Feds and Ontario will subsidize the snowbird auto industry…a 3.3 Billion dollars (make your little finger go to the corner of your mouth and emmulate Dr. Evil, please).  Plus he says a deficit budget is LIKELY.   

Well Tony, the moon is LIKELY to be full tonight,  the RCMP who tasered the Polish guy to death at Vancouver Airport are LIKELY not to get tagged for it, Barrak Obama is LIKELY to be the new president, and Finance Minister Flaherty and Harper are LIKLEY to make up that deficit budget.   

It’s also LIKELY you, Tony, will get berated by Steve because you said what you did and Steve is LIKELY to chastise any cabinet minister or backbencher who says anything.   So while you’re adjusting your red, white and blue XRAY glasses, expect to look up and see Steve wagging his finger at you.  

Could the Cons or any other political party in Canada ever stop to think of alternatives?  Like, say, boosting the funds to the R&D department for alternative fuel autos?  To increase a loan to re-tool for more  energy efficient, non combustible, non-gas spewing vehicles that were probably invented in the 50’s as X-cars and would work wonders today and be AFFORDABLE in a depression/recession?  Naw, we just see guy after guy thinking inside the envelope and trying to look like a hero for it.  

And the auto sector continues to dinasaur itself with international union scamming.  Gosh, gee, I was SO  upset when the Teamsters lost quadruple overtime about a decade ago.  Has anyone ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, like micro-breweries, micro auto plants could do very well on regional basises?  Naw because that would be too easy.  

It’s LIKELY this country is making me sick.

December 12, 2008 at 7:01 pm

Corgie sent to Canada to Clean Up…

corgiequeen  I say!  I’ve been commissioned by Her Majesty to put Canada into order.  Bedtime for all will be no later then 10 pm , which I’m afraid will put a dent into the blogging world.  

Please rise before 7am and start your day with tea , crumpets, and an ironed newspaper leaning to the right politically.  If you feel the need to browse a tabloid do so at the line up in the grocery store.  Don’t buy one.

The Royal Canadian Air Force exercize regime will be put into place 5 times a week , you may pick the day and time but please report in to the Sargeant Major.  

Please remember to sing “God Save The Queen” once a day but do not, I repeat, do not envision Rupaul whilst doing so.  

Right then, time for some bikkies and milk before I issue any more edicts from SHE.  Tata.

December 11, 2008 at 6:45 pm 2 comments

Because Timing is Everything

parliamenthillclock1 As Canada preps for Harper’s speech tonight(speech, what speech, there was a cheesy announcement)  that will include words from the Governor General (perhaps, if she’s not too jet lagged and Stevey doesn’t want her good looks to override his announcement), we can look at ANYTHING but the Rule of Law to be imposed.    As clever as he is, I’m sure Steve’s advisors like UofC prof. and mentor Tom Flanagan will have drawn up a plan that buys Steve the one precious thing he needs…TIME.

And during that time GG Michaelle Jean will be steadfastly looking everywhere BUT Rule of Law for these two are both desperados , facing being on the cattle ramp for EI like too many Canadians.   To actually appoint the Coalition as government would mean Iggy first has to be elected Liberal leader and fit well in bed with Jean.   Can the two tango,  will there be funds promised for Haiti if the horizontal cha-cha works out to climazx?

Meantime the Mohawk Clan Mothers wait for just the right moment, that  second within eternity, that will end the most barbaric practises a nation could undertake and that is the continuuing genocide of First Nations.  What could spell doomsday for Canada could create a jibing rhyme that allows the arrow in motion to hit bullseye at Parliament Hill and Rule of Law opening up then BINGO, sovereignty at last!!!  It is also an arrow that leaves the wind in it’s path for Canada to truly clean up it’s act.

Everything is critical now, from when Steve gets up in the morning to when he finds time for a Faust’ian moment on his keyboards ….scroll down to 4th story (ah Steve,just don’t play us ABBA).  

harper-cp-5755209_206   Maybe when the clock strikes 12 Canadians will finally get it.  All along they’ve bought their country’s own bullshit.  Peacekeeping Nation?  How many truly know we had two ships in the Gulf as soon as Bush announced his pre-emtive war in Iraq?  How many know the U.S. contracted the RCMP to train Iraquis in Jordan to be short lived police (average life span of Iraqi police during war….about two days).  And this is just the tip of the iceberg for government after government, be it Liberal or Conservative have done dirty deeds BECAUSE THE SYSTEM ALLOWS IT, and allows it to be hidden , partly by a media we view as oh so strong and free that is controlled by the electronic and ink barons?   Back before CBC even changed their logo to look like an exploding sphincter Canadians thought they were getting the ‘real’ news.  Never.  Nada.  Wake up and smell the denaros dissapearing from your pocket like ice cream on a hot day.

We have been fooled.  All along Canada has never followed Rule of Law.  Canada is NOT a democracy, it only alows some e hues to show through but never has the full light shone and the sins that have entailed are atrocious.

For christ’s sake it’s 2008….yet it took how long and how much pressure for the Vancouver police to even think of investigating the Pig Farm?  It was all hookers and First Nations women, just like the Highway of Death, or the Starlight rides, the indigenous peoples of Canada are still the target of genocide.  Steve has taken it further and the military that was first posed at Caledonia when 6N reclaimed that land has grown….yes, the OPP fired tasers on unarmed women and children but now it seems the armed forces are poised to do more.  Why?  Because they can, and they will continue in a worse way if prorogue becomes the government du jour.  No matter how much faith or love you put in this nation it is one cleverly crafted of leather S&M blindfolds. The apology?  A farce.  The media and government didn’t even make an attempt at revealing the real horrors yet we have this fear and loathing of any Goebel-esque practises.    Adolf was only one , there are many at the helm of White Supremacy and they come in all shapes and sizes from the stern looking John A. MacDonald to the  avuncular Lester B. Pearson and charismatic Pierre Ellliot Trudeau (you know, the great hope who instilled Marshall Law).   You and I have been whipped.  

Deneument won’t come for a while.  The arrow of justice will hit it’s target at some point but for that to happen Canadians must first realize they’ve been duped all along or there will be chaos….it will be revealed that the colonist governments of Canada and the United States are in fraud and treason unto themselves for not enacting on Rule of Law…they are illegal governments.  Do you know how dangerous this is?  If you truly believe in Canada you will push for Rule of Law so the round pegs of true  democracy can move from the square holes to the circle.

  How much longer can denial play itself out?  See what I mean by timing?  YOU and I  must look at ourselves (no matter creed culture or illusion of race) , you must admit to the pain of your country’s lies because  it’s been enacting betrayal since the begginning and now it’s outright abandonment because neither Harpergang nor Coalitionville are on the right path.   Step onto the curb and get  a better look at what’s happening, what’s happened.   Brainwashing is a powerful tool we are all subject to.  Time to have a hard gander and admit there are so many areas that need a good rinse cycle.

Do you REALLY  want true democracy?  Then it will take more then just a Coalition, you must help the arrow’s trajectory , are you willing to do that?

Look at your watch….life is short, n’est pas?  Ride the wind now, with all it’s grace and glory, and let the arrow fall on target.

DEMAND, command, and understand.

December 10, 2008 at 11:53 am 2 comments


michealignatieffiggypop And the most amazing thing is the name of the album doesn’t need to be changed.

 Looks like the glibs are making way for Iggy – oh no, does that mean Canada will do it’s own version of Barakapalooza, aka Trudeau-mania?  Let’s hope NOT!  The guy is pathetic enough.

Besides, his last name is too hard to spell 😀

December 9, 2008 at 6:25 pm 4 comments

Coalition Composites


Ok, so I didn’t give it my best shot photoshopping these guys, but hey, i’m living in my van in mexico and circumstances, while good, aren’t as comfy as usual.  so this is what you get.  there’s only five….i’ve forgotten one major combo but am too tired to tell….suggestions?

they’re all avuncular,  why a couple even look like Colonel Sherman Potter from M.A.S.H. 

who do you like best?

December 7, 2008 at 6:17 pm 5 comments

The Royal Coalition Unrest

queenbeer “Good Gawd!  I am NOT amused.  Canada used to be so easy to manipulate. “

December 6, 2008 at 3:03 pm 8 comments

Who’s Really Ruling?

stephenharperpieta “Mommy!  


Harper is not happy the Quebec police have taken tasers out of action until further testing has been done on them.  This is just one area that has Baby Steve upset, for it goes against his Napoleanic brain.  Oops…Napolean complex is supposed to be short men….does this mean, oh no, STEVE, is IT that small???


Again, Canada has the opportunity to turn it’s self around and come closer to the purest form of Democracy on earth, the Iroquois Constitution.  Cities like Port Coquitlam have moved to help take the politics out of governance by creating a set of sustainable principles and creating a decision making matrix based on this.  Adios, ego and self interest.  Canada signed on to the United Nation’s Agenda 21 on Sustainability who’s underlying theme is sustainable governance.  What is that?  It has been called holisitic governance or spiritual governance in the past.  Google it.  Have a look at Port Coquitlam and seek other cities moving to do the same.  The time is getting shorter for the bubble of the dark to burst…buckle up, the ride is going to be something else!!!!!  Yes, the dark ages are coming again, though they will be briefly lived because they cannott sustain themselves any longer….then comes the new world, the world based on the feminine healing energy….goodbye Patriarchy.


MNN.  Dec. 3, 2008.  The vermin have come out of the woodwork.  Now that Canada’s Parliament has been suspended, it should now be obvious to everyone, Canada is not a democracy.  It never was.  It is a colony that has a single person, the Queen, sitting on top as the head of state.  It’s been run for the benefit of a few business interests.  It only pretends to protect the people.  
Canada has no land base as Ongwehonwe never gave up anything.  Turtle Island and its resources belong to us.    
On December 4th 2008 Canada’s Parliament was “prorogued”.  In other words, the pretense of representative government of the colony was dissolved.  Prime Minister, Stephen Harper presented a bogus budget to Parliament.  He wanted to cut corporate taxes, slash social, education and health programs.  He even wanted to cut off the election subsidies to the parties.  It was outrageous.  He knew it would be rejected.  His party was outnumbered.  Next Monday, December 8th, he would have had to face a vote of “non-confidence”, lose and then step down.  Then another election would have been called with just about the same result as the last one.  Harper would have had another minority government.   Canadians have spoken.  They don’t him to have too much power.
 The other parties, the Liberals, New Democratic and Bloc Quebec, decided to form a coalition, which was legal according to their colonial structure.  It made sense.  It followed Canadian cultural precedent.  It has to have been anticipated by Harper and whoever pulls his strings.  
What was the real plan?  The Governor General of Canada, Michaele Jean, had been sent to Europe to be near whoever pulls the strings of her boss, Queen Elizabeth.  The Governor General was called back “suddenly” to fulfill this colonial metaphor about being a single head of state, the “maharajah” who reigns over her subjects in Canada.  Harper asked the Governor General to discontinue Parliament for eight weeks [or more].  
“Prorogue” means to discontinue meetings of parliament without dissolving it.  In other words, it’s a dictatorship.  The Prime Minister can indefinitely extend his term of office if he can create the “need” for it.  It was a measure meant to take care of emergencies – like war.  It was not meant to allow a prime minister to assume dictatorial power, or to do an end run around the discussions that should take place when people living in widely separate places with different needs have to work together.  Canada’s chaotic state is a sign that differences are coming out and their system cannot deal with it.   (more…)

December 6, 2008 at 7:54 am 3 comments

Beam Them ALL Up!!!

michaellejeanuhura This is Lieutenant Michaelle Jean Uhura of the Canadian Starshop Free Enterprise.  Yes, is that you, Captain Harper?  A coalition?  But that might mean I don’t get a leader who will give millions and millions in aid to my country of origin, Haiti.  I will come back to Canada immediatley from Europe where I have been dazzling presidents and royalty to give, give, give to Haiti.  

What’s that? Appoint a new coalition with you, Mr. Stock, Scotty-Irishy Flaherty, and all the Lieutenant So-Lows?  Yes, I think I can do that.  Is my perogitive still not to answer to the Queen’s directive that I deliver important documents from the Mohawk Clan Mothers that would recognize First Nations as sovereign?  Ay ay, mon Capitaine.  After all, this would open the gates for electoral reform across the nation and would place us in grave danger of removing politics from governance, just as though we were pre-contact savages.   

Don’t worry, mon Capitaine, I will not let us colonists sink to such a low as to have a sophisticated system that’s not based on the British Twit system.  The corgies shall eat the Romulans and Clingons.  What’s that, you don’t know what to do about your Clingons?  Why Capitaine, c’est easy…Preperation Eh !!!!


This is proof in the pudding that the western world needs to augment democracy and change the system.  the united nations agenda 21 on sustainability has an underlying theme about governance.  the idea is to remove politics from governance, like our First Nations pre-contact , sophisticated systems did.  a set of sustainabile priniciples should be drawn up then decision making matrix’s created from those.  it’s time for everyone to lay down their egos, and that includes you and me.  

There are movements in existance under different monikers that have been around for a while now…you can look up holistic governance, spiritual governance for one.  another search is to look directly at agenda 21, or to see how some nations (scandinavian in particular) are making steps toward this.  There’s no rhyme or reason Canada is not doing this save to say it is ego-based on it’s reputation (bravo, canada, for believing your own lies).  Time to come out of denial.

December 2, 2008 at 7:51 pm 3 comments

Scout’s Whereabouts…

naandmexico1  I’m actually now in Mazatlan but I couldn’t get the server to post here yesterday.

Some, well maybe most, of the scenery is to die for….but iPhoto has gone wonky on me and judging by a google search to correct it, iphoto has gone wonky on many.

hmm, 2,000 kilometers or more to go to be in the United States.  Meantime I’m mostly looking through the windshield at Mexico.  I do get some swims in and small walks….Mexico isn’t exactly hiker’s paradise although it has the potential.   Rather than parks and the like, the money seems to be going into the highways.  My stack of toll road receipts is mucho grande by now.  

I’ve hit CBC a few times and read about the Canadian coalition government , plus visited some of my amigo y amiga’s blogs.  All I can think is how much Canada needs to revamp the system and  augment democracy by following principles and decision making matrix’s based on sustainability to take the politics out of governance.

It’s time.

December 2, 2008 at 6:22 pm 4 comments

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Because this is THE number one cause to donate to...until Canada recognizes it must deal on a nation to nation basis with First Nations ALL our laws and progress are impaired by a false system. ANY rights, be they gay, gender, minority, whatever, cannot be solved until we go back to the beginning and foundation of North America and honour the Two Row Wampum.

Mohawk Nation News and the Mohawk Clan Mothers lead the way on legal issues surrounding sovereignty. Please donate , it helps you too by bringing RULE OF LAW to Canada and the United States. PAYPAL

OR send cheque or money order to:
MNN Mohawk Nation News,
Box 991 ,
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J0L 1B0

Scott Tribes post on the fantasic children in a canadian indigenous community with no school who are working hard to get one….a MUST READ. petition to sign.
The Queendom of, clothing etc. to support Hawaiian Sovereignty

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