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Good Camp Gordo


Last week I had the opportunity to spend a night in my van outside Gordon Campbell’s constituency office.  I didn’t want anyone to be alarmed or afraid so I buzzed (yes, you have to buzz to get into his office, the same office with the bullet proof glass).  I explained what i was doing and a nice though slightly fearful woman told me she would message B.C.’s Premier.  I told her to tell him that this is fair protest against his legislation that would allow the police to force homeless people into shelters or jail (during the Olympics of course, the legislation time lines run around the Olympic window).

I also asked her to tell Gordy I didn’t want any hassle or to be towed away by the cops.  The young woman said Gordy doesn’t have power over Vancouver cops, so I said, “Yes, but he has a phone to talk with Vancouver’s Mayor”.  I also asked her to tell him that while i disagree with him I love him (the dark just won’t go away so we might as well all send thoughts of love to him in hopes he’ll get a heart transplant).

The night was uneventful save for a friend popping by.  I worked on a song I was writing, had supper and by the time i got all the signs I wanted on my van it was time to go to sleep.

I woke up to a ticket on my windshield for parking in a passenger zone.

A few passersby stopped to give word of support and not long after it was time to pull away and get to an appointment.

Hey Gordy, ya know what?  Yuppies treat their dogs better then you treat people.

September 28, 2009 at 1:10 pm 4 comments

Homeless are Guilty of What?

Brillilant.  Just Brilliant.  Gordie Campbell and his thugs were thinking of incarcerating the homeless during extreme bad weather.
Google it cuz I’m on a public computer that doesn’t allow two windows and I’m having probs copying and pasting the url.

The gist is Rich Coleman came under fire yesterday because leaked memos were suggesting, nay, saying, that legislation would be introduced to FORCE, yes, FORCE the homeless into shelters or jail during extreme weather.  Once the shit hit the fan Coleman backed off, natch, but watch those pesky, unkind, incompassionate, creepy libs try something , anything to clean up the streets of vancouver during the hallowed 2010 Olympic Games.   I mean “AHHHHHHHHHHH”, tourists seeing homeless people?????  Can;t have that , can we.

The irony is there’s so many homeless because of Bill Van derZalms’ Expo 86 and the scorching of social programs, closing of mental facilities and institutions.  The same pattern is being repeated with Gordo’s five ring circus.  Only this time around El Gordo wants to place the homeless back in institutions, ones that are innappropriate to people’s needs.  Institutions are just that and where’s the sense of place or need in a shelter or jail?  There is none so it’s no wonder the government can’t keep street people in there.

Look, from my own experiences as a homeless but vanned person , classed as ‘mentally ill’ and having dealt a lot with homeless people in Vancouver, London, Edinburough, Belfast etc.,  I can tell you that safety , trust and above all , love, exists within the homeless communities.  And I mean true love, the kind where a friends would take a drubbings for each other and give them the last torn , ripped shirt off their back.  Yes, the dysfuntion is incredible but I don’t see white, middle class families going the gamut as far as the homeless will for each other and that includes some particular family members of my own.

If Gordonbleu thinks he can pull the wool over the public’s eye , he’s half right, but more and more are tuning into the sociopathic tendencies of this government (and most governments in general).  Who’s ever stepped up to the plate to let the homeless create their own communities with proper housing and facilities AND their own set of rules and regs ?  Not even the NDP…my choice of lesser evils….because the do gooders of all stripes just can’t help themselves when it comes to power and control (well, so and so has done this study and then dr. blahblah of whatever knows how to implement this and then we need a couple of party hacks to run it, and wow, look what we made all by our selves with minimum input from the insane people!!!!!).

then there’s the public commentors on CBC and other places….you know, the ones who say they’re tired of having the mentally ill who swear 24 hours a day hanging around and please, won’t you put them somewhere?  well guess what, w.a.s.p. lady, those people are still there because you keep voting for the provincial liberals and federal conservatives (or liberals).  at least with the ndp there might  be some sort of convincing done that us mentally ill homeless types can run some shelter/housing on our own! 

and i bring up, once again, portland oregon’s ‘dignity village’.  google it.  awesome place.  so vancouver, give us some land, gordie quit putting bandaids on festerng wounds and maybe just maybe vancouver and other cities could boast about their homeless, or let’s to to the moon and say ‘former homeless’.

but ya know what? even if places like dignity village existed here there would still be some who prefer the street.  it’s their home.  it’s their culture, it’s where they feel best.  and if they want to take a stab at surviving during super crummy weather, let ’em, cause at least they’d be going with their boots on and that’s a far cry more then having their heads shrunk by a system that doesn’t even begn to know the gifts , yes that’s spelled ‘gifts’ of us loony toons.  Cause if you come at things from indigenous perspective it’s the world that’s loony with sensitive people who have the gifts of healing, clarivoyance or whatever and are merely reacting to the ruling sociopaths….and that includes many left wingers too. 

if this doesn’t make too much sense, forgive me, just call it stream of consciousness cuz i don’t have time to edit on a public machine.  thank gawd for public machines though….especially  if one ever goes up campbell’s arse.

Basically, what i have to say is ‘GRRRRRRRR’.

September 22, 2009 at 12:21 pm 5 comments

Body Bag Blues

First the federal government decides not to ship hand sanitizer to First Nation reserves to help protect members from H1N1 (you know, the ‘i got fucked by a pig flu’.

Next the feds ship BODY BAGS and throw in language like ‘if, maybe, not necessarily’ while they grapple to save face over a big bad move or mistake (or not, maybe, if, not necessarily) .

Why did this take place in Manitoba?  Could it be revenge for the  chiefs who gave the o.k. to blockade the railroad a few years ago in  protest of Canada (read Stephen Harper) failing to honour the Kelowna Accord.

No wonder the federal government’s apology for the body bags was not accepted.  Ottawa is numb.  Ottawa, get stuffed!

Comments on the story that can be found on can range from empathetic to downright numb and racist.  The federal government finally admitted it made a mistake….but it’s the ongoing mistakes that made the body bag incident so offensive.   To say it was done as a precaution and is a necessity because of expected deaths due to the swine flu is unacceptable.  WHY DIDN’T THE GOVERNMENT SEND FLU PREVENTION KITS FIRST????

Hand sanitizers aside, the Manitoba rez’s that recieved the body bags had not been sent the proper goods for this PURPORTED PANDEMIC.  Why?  And why is it other reserves were not sent body bags?  Smacks of Stephen Harper and the continuing genocide on First Nations people….after all, northern Manitoba and Inuit reserves have both oil and diamonds….and we all know how hungry Harper is to sell Canada’s resources (stated outright at many  G-8 meetings)….with the pesky injuns in the way, how can he accomplish his goal and , hopefully to him, get Canada out of the world ecomonic crunch.

Well, you can’t , Steve.  We haven’t even begun to see or feel the real hit that’s coming so why don’t you just relax, go play your piano, and deal with things?  Maybe you’d like to get your cat’s HIV vaccine up to date?  Lord knows PEOPLE  are suffering due to the likes of you and premiers like Gordie Campbell.  Oh, that’s right, THE OLYMPICS are only a few months away!!!

Really…..a good supposiTORY would do for you all.

September 17, 2009 at 9:59 pm 3 comments

Dag Nabbit!

scout spilled coffee on her laptop.  she’s a bad girl because she shouldn’t have had coffee right by her computer.  waaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! i have no idea when it will be fixed.

September 11, 2009 at 10:45 pm 4 comments

Happy Long Weekend!!!

i thought i’d leave you with something bizarre…and you can’t get much more out there then frank zappa and john lennon playing together while yoko ono screeches in the backgroun….ahh!!!!

September 5, 2009 at 6:47 pm 6 comments

FAMOUS STUPID PEOPLE #50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stupidpeoplesmall11 IS IT ANY SURPRISE THAT COYOTE OF WANDERING COYOTE HAS WON ONCE AGAIN????  oh great, now i have to go to the dollar store and get her a prize…any suggestions?

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