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3rd Annual Vancouver Poverty Olympics

January 28, 2010 at 8:16 pm 10 comments

The Vancouver Homeless Olympicks

Taking place in February, the Homeless Olympics will see events staged downtown Eastside.    Dates and times to be announced; game start times will probably be listed as ‘whatever, sometime after noonhour”.

The following events are proposed:

Curling: Who can get the most amount of curlers in their hair?

Bobsled: Guys named Bob will sit in shopping carts and their buddies will push them around the block, yes, it’s a race to the finish.

Luge: Who can spit the furthest?

Demonstration Sport:  Who can demonstrate the best?  Judging will consider placards, costumes, content of written and oral demonstration.

Figure Skating:  Who can run their hands over their own bodies the best without being obscene?

Street Hockey:  get creative to make sticks , a puck and goal posts.

Ski Jumping: Who best can jump over a guy who’s last name ends in ‘ski’ , like, Ruskowski for instance.

Bipolarthon:   Who’s the best at ranting and raving?

Naturally we are open to suggestions.  After all, there are thousands of homeless the government is trying to hide for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver/Whistler in totally inadequate shelters.   The games are a reality so , hell, if you can’t beat ’em, embarrass them 😀

January 28, 2010 at 8:34 am 4 comments

Oh boy, it’s Proroguies and Other European Treats!

Whistle while you work,

Hitler is a jerk,

Harpolini pulled his weenie

Now it doesn’t work.

That old chestnut best sums up Harpolini’s proroguing.  Ya know what, it doesn’t matter that Chretien or any other Prime Minister used it before.  It’s that it’s there in the first place and a PM can use it and does use it…..and what matters is the public is FINALLY waking up to Canada’s faux democracy, er, theocracy, er, whatever the hell this British Adversarial Parliamentary system is that we use and doesn’t work!

It stinks.

Proroguies may not be Italian, but they’re pretty close to gnoche.  So for now, pass the proroquies and don’t forget the sour cream!

January 26, 2010 at 2:22 pm 4 comments

Olympic Security (Or: Tanks a Lot)

Oh the boys and their toys!!!  The security is beefing up in Vancouver and area as things gear up for the Old Limp Pricks in February.

For months now the chopper activity in the sky has been annoying, the frigate that’s been cruising the inlet, daunting, and the invisible forces, cameras etc. llike an itch that won’t go away.

Are we supposed to be afraid?  Good question because maybe, just maybe if the public knew how many of the security guards are addicts ‘under control’ , maybe , just maybe their fear would translate to keeping their wallets safe on a chain or in a purse with a non-rip handle that zips tight , tight, tight.  How about the biz of money belts  and those other safety stashes?

This is just so strange.  Ya, of course I know some addicts who were hired but in today’s job market and with harm reduction #1,  and the amount of  unemployment out there, let’s just call it a strange marriage of crack meets tracks, junk meets trunks, methadone meets super dome.

Some guy for the Vancouver Sun estimates the billion dollar security cost breaks down to $60 per canadian, and $120 for every British Columbian.  And for what? So we can watch the world’s top winter athletes compete, while what’s REALLY going on sports wise is all the rich people attending doing a giant icebert schmooze-fest.   Hmmm.

Good luck, security personell…remember, for a salary that’s still under the poverty line and only there for a month, we are depening on you to keep the Three Piece Suit Terrorists IN , and let the tourists back out.

January 23, 2010 at 9:25 pm 5 comments

Famous Stupid People #52

Great Aunty Bertha of Ecclectic Eccentricity has correctly guessed B.C. Minister of Social Underdevelopement, Rich Coleman.

You know what this means….that Coyote’s winning streak has been broken!!!tune in to next time to see who places.  My oh my oh my 😀

January 21, 2010 at 7:08 pm 13 comments

More on Gordy Campbell’s Homeless Shelters

The ‘all new’ shelters are mats on the floor, non segregated male and female.  I had a candid talk with a couple of workers at this type of shelter and they say violence and sexual violence do occurr.

Great, Gordo, so while you have your olympics (no captial ‘O’ deserved) , which will benefit …whom…Vancouver’s homeless are growing to staggering proportions and you create horror shows for people you deem uneccesary to society.  WAKE UP YOU DUMB FUCK! 

Meantime Gordo’s number one thug, Rich Coleman, goes along and co-creates the nightmare that plagues the city.  YOU two have now made it so the system will be taxed even higher because the situation you’ve made will require more health and welfare issues,  taxing the hospitals, pharmacare and mental health facilties even higher…..MYOPIA be thy middle names.

Don’t fool yourselves, these shelter workers are doing their best to work with nothing and some established ones are now facing cutbacks….how do you cut back what is already bare bones???  The institutional model used equals nothing short of mentally corrosive material for the homeless.  I don’t suppose you, Gordo, have even heard the word ‘holistic’ .  No…that would be stretching things too far, you know, to make these places humane.

WHAT ARE PEOPLE, Gordo?  OH, of course, they are the notch below natural resources which you exploit the hell out of.  Only your cronies and anyone who MAY cast a liberal vote count in your mind.  Such a sociopath the people of B.C. have placed in power….hope none of these voters ever complained about George W. Bush, because Gordy is only a clone in different clothing.

You get what you ask for, Gordo, and I’m sure glad I’m not you.

January 21, 2010 at 1:43 pm 4 comments

Calling all Bloggers – It’s Who You Know That Counts…

While I am safe and tucked away, I got beat up by a guy at the shelter I was in (only sustaining bruises).  Shelter policy is that both involved in an altercation must leave…it is for my own safety (after all, buddy boy has his goons in the shelter) , and the peace of the place.   Now I’m trying to get into Vancouver’s St. Elizabeth Shelter, which is mostly gay women…a better place for me.  St. Elizabeth’s has no available beds right now and i’m not going to a downtown eastside shelter, no way, nuh-uh.

I’m also on the list for the refurbished Woodwards building downtown…a mix of market and non-market housing.

If anyone has ANY connections to either place, please let me know, cuz as we all know, it’s who you know that counts.  Sucks, but that’s the way.

In other shelter news, the new one that opened in the West End is mixed men and women, no segregation… all sleep on mats on the floor together.  No way I’m sleeping next to guys after being punched and kicked.  This is the way Gordie Campbell is hiding the homeless….in totally inadequate ‘all new shelters’.

All this for the sake of the Olympricks.

January 16, 2010 at 7:25 pm 13 comments

Another Day

the vultures have been out big time….’can i have a smoke
?  i’ll trade you a chocolate bar for a smoke…..gimme a smoke….save me the kill….what do you want for a cigarette?  i promise to pay  you back….’

after all, new years came and went and cheques got spent on crack, weed, heroin and booze.  today is GST payback day so everyone should be flush until their $84 runs out, and that goes in pretty short order for addicts.  the booty is getting strange….some of the better light fingers have left and there’s goons in here stealing other resident’s clothes and booting them for smokes or whatever.  that’s low, lower then low, stealing from your own.

it’s not a good crowd right now, too many thug types, hard core streeters who don’t even know ‘please and thank you’…it’s their way or the highway.  fuck ’em.  not bending to their power trips.

am killing time on the computer, waiting to meet with the manager to go over some resident rights requests.  who knows when he’ll show up.  i hear the back ground chatter….a dog barks and some snarly guy says to the owner, ‘this isn’t an animal shelter’.  she gets peeved and says , ‘fuck you, this is my dog and we’re allowed to have our pets here so keep your fucking pie hole closed’.  buddy who was ticked off shouts, ‘fuck you’ back.  there’s a few minutes of standoff time then things proceed again.

no one will lend hymie a smoke cuz he never pays back so he goes outside and yells up to one of the permanent residents upstairs, ‘julia! julia!’.  a box gets winged out a window with a smoke in it and hymie is happy.

as i type some new buddy is standing next to me using the phone. he stinks.  i can’t quite narrow the odor, kind of a cross between shitty pants and cologne.  that does it, i’m off the computer, can’t stand the stench.

January 5, 2010 at 10:55 am 4 comments

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