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The Lesser of Evils

The NDP are predicting the Tories will call an election any day and are soliciting donations.  I gave $25 even though their ante starts at $85 or something like that….but that’s not in my budget.   Anyways, I’m not sure why the other boys , Layton and Dion aren’t motioning for non confidence…..why have they been waiting for Steve to call the election?  Beats me save for some guesses about tax payers footing the bill for an election and maybe being peeved at the opposition for doing so.  I’m not that politically astute to know about this type of positioning.

But I do consider the NDP the lesser of evils.  Now if you don’t mind I have some coffee to drink and a van to clean 😀

August 28, 2008 at 5:33 pm 4 comments

Maiden, Mother, Crone

  The Women rocked.  The Democratic Convention was all about it.  And so they should have because after  a few millenium of patriarchy women are becoming more  and more unfettered by the ties that bind.  Those ties come from a system that seeks to oppress but the oligarchie’s days are numbered.

Strange as it is watching the Democrats and siding with them yet still not quite understanding even that part of U.S.’ian culture, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and even Chelsea Clinton introducing her mom was as moving and proving of the divine, healing, female energy.  And no you don’t have to be a woman to carry this force, but we all know that woman are more inclined to possess it…after all, we have wombs and physically are more connected to Mother Earth because of this.  Two-spirits (homosexuals) carry this.

Hillary made Bill…that’s a given.  To hear Michelle speak the other night, we know who’s made Obama.  Mothers and wives.  To spurn off into indigenous culture, Creator gave the land to the women to steward…it was never to be ‘sold’, or to be polluted and exploited and raped like it has been.

Cracking the glass ceiling ….ya.  

While Hillary and Michelle are at opposing ends of the Democratic scale, you have to hand it to both to Mother Michelle and Crone Hillary.  Two dynamic women who, perhaps should have the ticket of Prez and Vice-Prez…imagine that duo.  

And who did MSM bury in their coverage of the convention?  In paradoxical light, Dennis Kucinich is the only person throughout Bush’s long eight years in office to bring war crimes to the front.

August 26, 2008 at 11:44 pm 2 comments

Canada Wins Gold…Stephen Harper’s Head Jumps to 1st !!!

 Canada made an amazing leap in the Gold Medal competition when Stephen Harper’s head , aboard ‘Draft Plan’ soared over the hurdles to capture first place.  Biting on the gold leafed lead medallion, Harper’s head said, “Yay.  I won”.  He referred the media to his trainer, Don Cherry, to answer further questions.

This moves Canada up in the gold standings but further down in diplomatic ties as he beat out China  and the Jamaican Bob-Head Team.  With jumps like the Oil Barrel Tower, Mine Tailing Pile and Smoke Stack Shack being clipped by hooves on all other teams, Harper’s Head managed to help lift Draft Plan over the jumps to capture first.   

Steve’s head and Draft Plan are now considering the Ice Capades to reap in some professional dollars and bring their show live to the kiddies of the world.

August 21, 2008 at 10:16 am 3 comments

CMA Shows Canadians Stigmatize Mental Health

 A recent Canadian Medical Association poll suggests most Canadians stigmatize mental health.   Is it any wonder???  The Oligarchy chose the word ‘hallucination’ to tag what indigenous peoples call vision.  What once was healthy and helpful became ‘bad’…they only wanted the priests to have that gift.   But check out STEVE….how will he handle this talking dog next to him?

Steve: ok, like you’re talking so I must be dreaming.  Maybe I’ve been working too hard.  I’m not mentally ill though, that’s for losers.  Um, like, did William Lyon Mackenzie King send you here?

Doggawd:  What do you think, Steve?

Steve:  I think maybe Tom Flanagan is paying a practical joke on me.  Tom, is that you in a dog suit?

Doggawd:  Wake up buster.  Why can’t you accept that I’m a real dog?

Steve: Because I only listen to cats.   Talking with cats is not being mentally ill.

Doggawd: Man oh man you missed the boat on that one!  Who’s your medicine person?

Steve: A regular doctor, why would I go to a quack?

Dawggawd: Maybe you are….DUCK!  Haha, sorry, bad joke.

Steve:  Nothing’s wrong with me that a good bandaid wouldn’t fix.

Doggawd:  Uh huh.  Heard that a million times.  Why don’t you try listening to your own heart?

Steve: Now I really know that dogs are nuts.   It’s the doc’s job to listen to my heart.

Doggawd:  No.  The system, doctors and your parents shut down the ability for you to listen to your heart.  Somehow you took it upon yourself to be GOD….you’re going to get a crack for that.  Start to listen, beyond the tic toc tic toc.

Steve: SECURITY! Quick, there’s a mentally ill dog by me.   Arrest and detain at the nearest psyche ward!

Doggawd: Woof.

August 18, 2008 at 1:46 pm 4 comments

New Image for PM?

  Good Gawd the PM is SMILING!!!  He may be saying to Gordie, “that’s great, you’ve stolen their land for 150 years now” in celebration of B.C.’s 150th anniversary, but he IS smiling.  Wait!  Look closely…I detect Gorilla Glue goo on the corner of his lips.  Could it be the smile had to be glueed on?  Harper Valley says “YES!”.  Well however it got there, Steve, we like it better then your straight face, after all, Hitler was rather boring to look at in all his sombre poses.  Keep up the glueed work!

  The image makers have been at work!  Why , Scout doesn’t even have to photoshop for this post because SOMEONE in Ottawa, or Calgary or whevever has put Steve on a diet and surrounded him with women (the poor suckers, though maybe they’ll be able to ad it to their resumes…HOT STAMPEDE ESCORTS).  NOTE: Steve did not wear his Australian John Howard hat to the Stumpede this year, and where oh where did the black leather vest go?  Perhaps he grew tired of the “Brokeback Steve” jokes?  Dare I suggest his shirt in this pic is symbolic of a checkered past?

August 17, 2008 at 11:03 am 2 comments

Famous Stupid People #40


  AND THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER OF #40 IS WANDERING COYOTE WHO GUESSED DICK CHENEY!!!  so, who’s good at tallying things up so we know what the standings are?  sorry, i’m allergic to numbers.











 IT’S NUMBER 40!!!!! and what will you win….only the satisfaction of being THE ONE to guess.  this may make or break some ties and close races here, the sidebar winner’s list shows some neck in neck contendres.

  Good luck, rules on the sidebar and this time IT’S A MALE.  one guess and one question per person per day.

August 12, 2008 at 11:06 am 25 comments


scott tribe’s post on the fantasic children in a canadian indigenous community with no school who are working hard to get one….a MUST READ.   petition to sign.

August 10, 2008 at 6:10 pm 1 comment

Good Old Capricorns!

  Being a Capricorn I do love to see mountain goats, like these ones near Jasper.  Have to admit they aren’t my fave wildlife to spot but hey, can’t be too picky these days!


hey wait! i uploaded this as a movie….how come it doesn’t come up as one????

August 6, 2008 at 9:58 pm 5 comments

Scout’s Big Adventure

  I marked my route in purple….it’s not exact as some of the dirt roads don’t show but you can get the idea.  Many km’s.   Wildlife along the way included some people….Scout was called ‘you people’ when helping a Woodlands Cree woman bring some bark she stripped off a blue spruce for medicine.  I was issued a ticket.

In Pentiction I was pushed twice by an RCMP officer.

Incidents aside….and I’ll get those up on youtube eventually, I saw so much beautiful scenery and wildlife , well, I just loved it.  And how perfect for grieving….the car, our most private place, and tons of road to do it on!!!  I’m not finished but everything on it’s own time.  

Will post some wildlife vids too…..lot’s of mountain goats and I consider that a present for a Capricorn like myself!  NEXT: Vancouver Island and looking for the twin white ravens, then Gabriola, down to Victoria then home (wherever that is).

August 6, 2008 at 9:23 am 6 comments

MNN Now has Paypal!

 Mohawk Nation News now has Paypal, making it easy for you to donate to the Clan Mothers.  OR your cheque or money order can be sent to: MNN Mohawk Nation News”, Box 991 , Kahnawake [ Quebec , Canada ] J0L 1B0

At last report Kahentinetha Horn is still resting at home under the care of family and doctors…if you recall the Border Guards arrested her and Katenies , roughed them up, and cuffed Kahentinetha which created a trauma induced heart attack.  

The courts are making it hard for these women and legal costs are mounting so they really need your donations…I gave, not just because Native Sovereignty is in my heart but it also gives way to mend the root cause of so many ills in this nation – homophobia, racism, classism, gender issues etc…..remember, Clan Mother ways are equal for all and the Iroquois Constitution is the purest form of democracy in the world.

To help reclaim Mother Clan ways in all governance and take the politics out of government it is in YOUR interest to donate and help to bring about change so we can all utilize a system that is non-adversarial and where justice still prevails.  

Stephen Harper and gang….look out 😀

August 3, 2008 at 8:57 am 6 comments

06-series-gold.gif06-humour-bronze.gif 06-new-bronze.gif Canadian Blog Awards





Because this is THE number one cause to donate to...until Canada recognizes it must deal on a nation to nation basis with First Nations ALL our laws and progress are impaired by a false system. ANY rights, be they gay, gender, minority, whatever, cannot be solved until we go back to the beginning and foundation of North America and honour the Two Row Wampum.

Mohawk Nation News and the Mohawk Clan Mothers lead the way on legal issues surrounding sovereignty. Please donate , it helps you too by bringing RULE OF LAW to Canada and the United States. PAYPAL

OR send cheque or money order to:
MNN Mohawk Nation News,
Box 991 ,
Kahnawake [ Quebec , Canada ]
J0L 1B0

Scott Tribes post on the fantasic children in a canadian indigenous community with no school who are working hard to get one….a MUST READ. petition to sign.
The Queendom of, clothing etc. to support Hawaiian Sovereignty

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Famous Stupid People Contest Winners:


Winnder of # 52 is Great Aunty Bertha of Ecclectic Eccentricity

Winner of #51 is Coyote of Wandering Coyote

Winner of #50 is Coyote of Wandering Coyote

Winner of #49 is Coyote of Wandering Coyote

Winner of #48 is Coyote of Wandering Coyote

Winner of #47 is Coyote of Wandering Coyote

Winner of #46 is Coyote of Wandering Coyote

Winner of #45 is Coyote of Wandering Coyote

Winner of the dastardly #44 is Coyote of Wandering Coyote

Winner # 43 is Q of North of Center

Winner #42 is Sassy of no fixed address

Winner #41 is Coyote of Wandering Coyote.

Winner #40 is Sassy of no fixed address

Winner #39 is Q of North of Center

#38 is WC of Wandering Coyote.
ANSWER= Ted Nugent

#37 is Annamarie of Verbena 19
ANSWER= Hillary Clinton

#36 is GAB of Eclectic Eccentricity.

#35 is Bruce of Canuk Attitude

#34 is Q of North of Center.

#33 is Sassy of no fixed address

#32 is Q of North of Center.

#31 is Ross of The Gazateer.


#30 winner is Wandering Coyote of Wandering Coyote.

#29 AND 28 winner is Q of North of Center.

# 27 Karen of Voyages of the HMS Swiftsure. ANSWER = BRIAN MULRONEY

# 26 Great Aunty Bertha of Eclectic Eccentricity. ANSWER: PRINCESS ANNE

# 25 AND # 24 winner is Wandering Coyote of Wandering Coyote. ANSWER: HAMID KARZI.

# 23 winner is Bruce of Canuk Attitude ANSWER: EVA BRAUN

# 22 winner is Great Aunty Bertha of Eclectic Eccentricity

# 21 is Wandering Coyote of Wandering Coyote

#20 is Liz who has no blogspot.

#19 is JJ of Unrepentant Old Hippie ANSWER=GARY MACHALE

#18 is Bruce of Canuk AttitudeANSWER= DALTON MACGUINTY

#17 is Jamie of And From These Ashes.... ANSWER: MARGARET THATCHER

#16 is Great Aunty Bertha of Eclectic Eccentricity. ANSWER: JOSPEH MACCARTHY

# 15 is Sheena of SheenaVision. ANSWER= NANCY REGAN

#14 is Great Aunty Bertha of Eclectic Eccentricity. ANSWER: The Pope

#13 is The Anon of Cyber Space. ANSWER: Barbara Bush

#12 is The Anon of no fixed address. ANSWER: Augusto Pinnochet

# 11 is The Rev of The Woodshed. ANSWER: Donald Trump

#10 is Sheena of SheenaVision ANSWER: Josef Stalin

#9 is JJ of Unperpentant Old HippieANSWER: The Queen of England

# 8 is Ron of Northern SuberviaANSWER=Fulgencio Batista

#6 AND #7 is Q of North of Center ANSWER #6= Felipe Calderon and ANSWER#7=Alessandra Mussolini

#5 is Bazz of Oi ! Thump !. ANSWER= Jane Russell

#4 is BCWaterboy of The Kalamalka Rainbow. ANSWER= "Michael Chertoff"

#3 is Annamarie of Verbena-19 ANSWER= "Laureen Harper"

#2 is Anon...who shall remain anonymous. ANSWER= "Idi Amin"

#1 is Austin of WildDogRoad ANSWER: Imedla Marcos

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