Jane Stewart Eats Dough

May 30, 2007 at 8:14 pm 3 comments

Former Lib Cabinet Minister Jane Stewart believes in the notion that ‘money talks’…so she’s eaten the dough the Ontario Goverment handed her to stall talks on Six Nation negotiations.

Jane: I like my money raw…no mustard, no ketchup. The true pulp flavour is the only way to go, well, maybe a dash of salt. If I can get those wretched Clan Mothers to put aside their foolish notions of what is right, stall them, grind them down, then maybe we’ll have time to innoculate some blankets with smallpox to give them. Wait….Avian flu would be more 21st century! We’ll dupe them with chickens. That’s it…we’ll import chickens from China and make it look like a big government handout. Sure, the public may balk that the indians are getting something else for free, after all we did air drop t-shirts with Canadian flags…but in the end it’s worth it. Oh, and I like to wash my dollar sandwhiches down with red wine…..white is for poultry, if you know what i mean.


MNN. May 30, 2007. Just when we thought Jane Stewart was gone from our lives, she pops up like a dirty shirt. For $1,300 a day, why not? She’s the former mouthpiece for Ontario at the “talks” about returning our stolen land to us. She moaned, “The Feds and Ontario are going to walk away from the table because of that “gun incident” [a few days ago]. What? That had nothing to do with us. It was a personal dispute.

Would the city of Toronto stop all business at City Hall because there was an incident on Yonge Street where someone robbed someone at gunpoint? Does Parliament come to a grinding halt because someone stuck up a bank down the street? It appears that Ontario is trying to get out of settling our land claims. They want an excuse, any excuse. Quick! Does someone have a hangnail? These colonists get hysterical and irrational when they get cornered, don’t they?

Canada and Ontario, you have to start taking responsibility for your acts of brutality. Remember when you sent in the Ontari-ario Provincial Police OPP, on April 20, 2006, and attacked us? They arrived at 4:30 a.m. with weapons galore, beating, berating, arresting and shooting some of us in the face with high powered pellet guns! [Those guys need a mom to tell them ‘no’, it’s not right!] We were unarmed and managed to send the OPP running. Another thing! Why is the fully armed OPP whizzing past us every 5 minutes!!! What about the inflated gas prices? Maybe they just don’t care about the Ontario taxpayers.

At the “talks” on Tuesday, May 22, we reminded Canada and the Province about the Two Row Wampum agreement, “You don’t have a voice in the decisions we make. If you keep putting your hands in our canoe and trying to steer it, you’re going to get splashed every time.” We told them to get their baggage out of our canoe and stay in their boat.

About twenty of our Six Nations people waved flags and played ceremonial drums while the OPP stood by and watched us stop the unlawful construction on our land at Hagersville. They never got our permission to do anything there. Why weren’t the cops arresting the developers? What’s their next assignment? Holding the door open for bank robbers? We want our property to be left alone until we’re ready and things are settled to our satisfaction.

Hagersville is part of the Haldimand tract, which runs about 10 kilometres on each side of the Grand River. This land is part of the vast Six Nations territory along the St. Lawrence River, around the Great Lakes watershed, down to New York State, Vermont and beyond. In 1784 the Six Nations did not receive the land from the British during the American Revolution. This Tract of one million acres was specially protected from encroachment by settlers “for the Mohawks and their posterity forever”.

Canada and the Province keep threatening they won’t give us back Kanohnstaton, which they say they took into “trust”. Is it something like bank robbers who hold the stolen money in trust! We told them plainly, “You need to get your paws off Kanenhstaton ASAP”. The Plank Road Agreement needs to be addressed, Canada needs to obey the laws and live up to the rule of law. The developer has to CONSULT with the Six Nations Confederacy.

Ontario’s Minister of Aboriginal Affairs David Ramsay said their bargainers were “displeased” about being caught in another theft, “We should have peace and no further escalation.” Right! So stop your thuggery! Go home! Leave us alone!

Developer, Dan Valentine, picked up his tools and left. He agreed with us, “They have the claim, clearly something exists. They’ve been trying to reach out to the government to settle this, and it hasn’t been settled.”

Under the Haida, Taku and Mikkisew Supreme Court rulings, anyone directly involved in land development where land “claims” exist is in “CONTEMPT OF COURT”. Canadians can’t just march in and take whatever they want according to the map they saw in grade two. Whenever there is a valid land claim, there has to be consultation. Otherwise it’s not legal.

That includes the developers, mayors, politicians, and, of course, the banks. They have no right to issue permits and create legislation without consulting us or getting our consent. According to Section 109 of the British North America Act 1867, the Indigenous people have a “prior interest” to the land, resources and royalties that Canada and its provinces must deal with first. Section 132 of the BNA Act sets out how to do it. So far we’ve never legally surrendered one square inch of Canada according to Canada’s own constitution. Prior informed consent is required under international law. If Canada’s Supreme Court doesn’t want to live up to that standard, it has thrown out the whole doctrine of “honor of the crown”. This has been the British Empire’s last gasp at legitimacy. Our law doesn’t allow us to sell anything. We still own it all. Theft is theft anyway you look at it.

After rattling his saber, Ramsay said federal and provincial negotiators will go back to the “talks” on May 31. He wants the Six Nations to respond to last fall’s government proposal on how to regulate construction in the contested areas. When will they understand that we will make up the rules and regulations for what, who and how anyone comes on our land. Canada and Ontario have no legitimate right to order us around.

The developers want development. We don’t want development unless everything that’s ours is under our control. Then we can talk. These colonists are trying to aggravate us and they’re succeeding.

Canada is supposed to return two parcels of our land that they stole, the Welland Dam and Moulton Township. We don’t want money. We want our land.

Even though everybody is peaceful, as usual, some local residents are afraid of us. They’ve bought into the government and media scare tactics of creating us as their “bogey-man” target. Non-native, Darcy Harris, hoped it would not go on for any length of time. It won’t if the colonists would stop thieving.

Developer Dan Valentine, from Stoney Creek, said he bought the property under the holding company “ADJ Ventures” last year. He began putting in sewers four or five weeks ago. What nerve! He fantasized 85 townhouses and semi-detached homes, which he hoped would make him a mint by this fall. The plan must have come to him in a dream, which explains why he didn’t talk to us first.

Valentine said they didn’t think the property was within six miles of the Grand River. He better fire his surveyors. He said he had his life savings tied up in it. Land claims have become a “crisis” in the development industry. That’s right! So it has to be made right by sitting down with us. He said, “More and more people are getting hurt.” Don’t forget about all the hurt we’ve been put through so that our possessions could be taken from us. What kind of industry is it that depends on someone elses’ resource? Did he take a major in “sadism” and a minor in “construction”, or what?

Ginette Albert, advisor to Minister Ramsay, said they were very “displeased” with the Hagersville takeover. Drat, drats and double drats! The Green Gotham has been foiled again.

One of the original protesters at Kanenhstaton/Douglas Creek Estates, said the dispute shouldn’t affect ongoing talks. Yes. When the developers and their equipment leave our lands, then we’ll talk.

We wish these “carpetbaggers” would be law abiding or just pack up and leave. We’ve seen that dealing with the feds, province and Governor General is meant to go nowhere. This means we’ve exhausted their ‘set-up’ local remedies. It’s a “hot potato” that keeps getting hotter. It’s time for the Queen to sit down with us. Her “Canadian children” are misbehaving. Their eyes are bigger than their stomachs. She needs to stop letting herself be abused by the corporations that are using her as a shield.

Kahentinetha Horn
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  • 1. LIZ  |  May 31, 2007 at 9:06 am

    I wonder if her forked tongue makes it easier to eat the dough? Why is it a developer can see the legalities but the government can’t?

  • 2. clarity  |  May 31, 2007 at 1:38 pm

    shes really got that glazed look of too much mcdonalds or timmies.
    Those bills must be the sugar coated transfat additive laden variety.
    Maybe thats what they mean by a padded salary…

  • 3. harpervalley  |  May 31, 2007 at 5:34 pm

    liz…i would tink a forked tongue would come in handy for hot dogs and marshmellows.

    clarity….or is that padded celery?

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