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Tales From The Shelter – 10

At the Silly, you’re supposed to stay in a position of weakness, say, like a lamb.  This makes for good faux biblical posturing and keeps you in a state of servitude while the heirarchy plays God.  Their mission statement reads that they are non-judgemental, but that’s only as long as you stay in the field and go , ‘Baaaaaah’.  Signs of strength, like pointing out what may be oh-so-wrong here land you with threats of being kicked out.

Right now I’m on precarious grounds because it so happens I have the gift of healilng and help people out with all sorts of ailments like back aches, sore knees, headaches etc..   My councillor told me the manager says I’m not supposed to be doing that here as it’s against the rules and for my own benefit.  I asked how this would be for my benefit and was told that someone might complain that I hurt them or a treatment didn’t turn out right and damaged them somehow.  I said I was fine, that I’d been doing this for a long time and the closest any came to being hurt was because they were silly enough to move their neck around while i was working on it.

My councillor told me the manager thinks this is against the rules and he’s looking through the book.  I said I thought that perhaps the true concern lay with the Silly as they were afraid of liability.  She denied this.

So why, in a place that says it’s non judgemental , would they want to stop someone from doing the work of God (God in their terms).   Call it what you want, energy work, Creator coming through me, whatever…..all I know is a higher power comes through me and people feel better, they’re pain taken away.  How would I know the answer to this and why would I even bother to question much about it…I would drive myself up the wall so I just accept it.

But if the Silly is a house of God , are they jealous or afraid because their spiritual enlightenment is not as  advanced as mine?  I tread on delicate water here as don’t want to sound like I am in some sort of advanced position, perhaps it’s best I say that I have discovered how to tap into a level of energy that most people have not reached.  It’s not a big deal, but don’t tell me I cannot heal people in your building, your building which sits on unceded First Nation’s territory, and not use First Nation’s ways to help people.  This brings us back to the concept of conquering, oppression, and genocide.  Really, it’s not much different from how Residential Schools operated.

Meantime The Six Nation Lacrosse Team has been denied passage to Great Britain using Iroquois issued passports to play in a tournament.  They are told they have to use ‘Canadian’ passports.  Why?  Lies are told, like how every person in this nation is Canadian.  OH?  And since when did the conquering of a people make them nationals of the conqueror, that’s what I want to know because this country still does not adhere to Queen Ann’s Royal Order of the early 1,700’s which says all First Nations must be dealt with on a nation to nation basis , with a third, neutral party included.  This has never happened, never taken place, making Canada a nation in fraud and treason unto itself.

I’ll wander around the councillor floor today to see if the manager has found the ‘rule’ that says I cannot do healings here.  This could be interesting.

Meantime, retarted Martha has a new friend, for now, and the woman is strong and talks over Martha instead of the vice versa.  I cannot thank myself enough for telling Martha she is not to speak to me…it’s like avoiding toxic shock syndrome because really, she’s like a used tampon or something.  I know it sounds gross, but she is gross…perhaps not by any doing of herself, but she’s staying in self denial as isn’t ready to look at herself, perhaps because her childhood was too heinous.

Welfare Wednesday , or Mardi Gras as it’s called, falls on this Wednesday.  The sirens will be going all night, the crack-heads spending their cheques in one fell swoop, the welfare recipients looking like vultures for the persons on disability because we get slightly more.  It’s also the start of the Festival of Fireworks, so I’m sure the crackheads will somehow have an augmented high….imagine, paying $20 for a piece of rock that will get you high for 10 minutes.

That’s fucked.


July 19, 2010 at 8:09 am

Bowen Island – Of Astro Turf and Politics…driving it all home Some of Bowen Island’s municipal councillors are a tad too close to the road’s shoulder and about to slip.  It’s all about an astroturf practise field that was bullied through without proper procedure, ignoring the public, and accepting only an erroneous math calculation from a study.

Lucky we have people like David Chamberlain on fair Bowen isle.  His commentary and letter below (which he has submitted to Bowen’s newspaper, The Undercurrent without success of publication)  tells almost all:

(From the Bowen Island Phorum) I’m posting this here, as I haven’t had much luck getting my letters printed in the Undercurrent the last few times. It could be editorial policy, or it could just be me! 

Democracy and Science

It’s amazing what a few words, thrown about carelessly, will convey. Or not, if you know what’s really going on. 

Matthew Redekopp, in his letter to the Undercurrent, says that in the case of the Artificial Turf (AT) field, “democracy decided”. Oh, really? When you look at the facts, any similarities of the Artificial Turf field process to democracy are purely coincidental. 

According to both Bob Turner and Peter Frinton, when questioned about how this debacle all started, Council was approached by an advocacy group a while ago, and informed about the availability of a grant from the West Vancouver School Board that could be used in the construction of an AT field (it’s not clear if the money could have been used for other purposes). The Bowen Island Football Club (BIFC) played a key role in this advocacy group. 

Council thought that this might be a good idea, particularly as an adjunct to the upcoming Community Centre, and assigned Christine Walker as the Municipality representative to investigate. Now, according to Turner and Frinton, due process would have involved looking at various alternatives, weighing them carefully and then taking input from the public (a pretty common sense approach in a democracy, and one that is usually followed). This was not done; the primarily role of the Municipality representative appears to have been to convince Council (and the public) that the Artificial Turf field was the ONLY option. Perhaps this was because, on June 27, 2008, Christine Walker signed her name to a letter appearing in the Undercurrent from the Board of the BIFC and strongly supporting the AT field. The consultant that was hired to assist her played (and, as far as I know, still plays) a prominant role in the BIFC, coaching. So it’s no wonder that the process was unduly biased [please note that I do not blame any of the non-Council indivduals mentioned – Council should have known better than to rely on a then BIFC board member for an unbiased viewpoint, or perhaps it suited some member’s objectives]. 

Despite all of this, and strong public opposition (once the public found out what was happening – it was almost snuck through with a minimum of hoopola), 4 of 7 Council members (Doug Hooper, David Wrinch, Cro Lucas and Alison Morse) voted in favour of proceeding with the AT field this past January, but with substantive conditions attached. There was a cap of $500,000 placed on the project. A Plan B (alternative strategy) was to be devised by Municipality staff. Trees were not to be cut, if at all possible. And others. Not one condition was met. However, the ground is now being dug up for the field, and the trees have alrady been cut. The lowest bid came in at $532,000 or so, even with many of the original field features dropped (one can only presume so the bid could get close to the cap) – Council reallocated another $7,000 and money dropped from the sky in the form of a mysterious gift of $25,000. Another $20,000 was requested for more consulting, and granted. No Plan B was delivered. And still the project moved on, even with growing signs that this was not favoured by the majority of Bowen Island (few people I talked to even knew about it, thought it had been killed, and couldn’t believe that it was still moving forward with so many other things that Council has identified as priorities). 

All in all, I wouldn’t call this democracy. 

But when Matthew attempts to be a mathematician and scientist, talking about the ‘greenness’ of the AT field, all I can say is, don’t quit your day job. It is a valiant attempt at bafflegab, however. 

The central premise behind ANY attempt at saying that a plastic field can be greener than a natural one is reduction in greenhouse gas emissions with a reduction in automobile travel. There was a great of analysis of the Queen of Capilano’s emissions in the letter, but regardless of how many cars get on the ferry, it will still run. There will be no savings of greenhouse gas emissions there, period. There might be an argument that fewer cars MAY travel to the mainland as a result of the AT field (thus reducing THEIR emissions to and from the ferry), but since many people combine trips, that is far from proven. And they won’t go downtown to play soccer. Science is very inconvenient for the Matthew’s of the world, as it requires first, a hypothesis, and then second, proof that this hypothesis is valid. So until someone can prove that car trips will be reduced, it’s all guesswork. I could just as easily say that car trips will increase, particularly on Bowen, as people may not make as much of an effort to carpool to the new AT field, and they will still travel to the mainland for their errands (yes, going downtown). 

Maintenance of natural vs AT fields was also brought up. Yes, natural fields do have to be maintained with equipment that generate greenhouse gases. But so do AT fields. In fact, AT fields have to be kept clean of organic matter (something you don’t have to worry about with natural fields), and it is still unclear how that will be accomplished here (short of hiring a gatekeeper). Plus, everyone is calling this AT field all-weather, when it is anything but. You can’t play soccer on an AT field in snow and ice. West Vancouver, which David Wrinch talked about to me (“West Vancouver doesn’t have that problem”), can’t be compared to Bowen Island – last winter, they had a few days of snow, while ours was still here for several months. The City of Coquitlam (which has weather more comparable to us) has had to develop a snow removal policy for their artificial turf field, but when I asked about whether anyone investigated that particular aspect, all I got was blank looks. Snow removal requires equipment that generates greenhouse gases. And there is no method at present to melt ice on an AT field (directly from the City of Coquitlam). 

In short, there really is no scientific evidence at all that our AT field will be any greener than a natural turf one (and lots that it isn’t). So we’re stuck with a piece of plastic that we have to get rid of in 8 to 12 years, trees that were cut down (and were not replaced), lights that simply have to be put up, according to several members of Council (generating light pollution) so that the field can be played on in the winter (assuming, of course, that the snow and ice can be removed) – and this will cost more money, taking us well over the so-called upper limit of expenditure – and possibly even more car trips (my hypothesis – until I’m proven wrong, just as valid as any other). 

Finally, to add insult to injury (and to further make a mockery of the democratic process), a fee will not only be charged to use the AT field, but, as I understand it, the natural field adjacent to it as well. 

I don’t know what the colour of anger is, but colour me that!


a great letter, driving it all home!

there’s other things too….one involves the study on artificial turf as commissioned by Upper Canada College, which David Hocking presented. it is a fairly extensive study and according to Mr. Hocking, he did the mathematics contained within the study to show that artificial turf would release less greenhouse gas effects. HOWEVER the study offset those emissions by recommending trees be planted to such up carbon emmissions which a grass field and trees would do. the field in question was to plant 1,861 trees!!!! this also took into account that the soil dug up would be used elsewhere. this was not taken into consideration by Hocking’s figures or Council’s decision. yet another budget cost that wasn’t factored in. 

fake grass needs the cleansing due to bacteria outbreaks. it also has to be watered in hot weather as the temperature of artificial turf in hot weather can soar to 30 degrees higher then grass….yet another unforseen maintenance cost not budgeted for. 

let’s not forget the online petition by artificial turf advocates that Council accepted. It contains many anonymous names and people from out of country. 

AND the contractor doing the job is having to subcontract….what are those costs? it is my understanding the sub-contracts were not built into the quote. let’s hope i’m wrong. 

the acrylic wool was pulled over the eyes of many.

July 18, 2009 at 9:40 pm 4 comments

Party Animals

stephenharperharpseal1 Stephen Harp Seal.  Able to drag itself anywhere.  Loves ice and anything cold.  Eats the little fish so he can be the biggest.  Prefers mother seals to have their pups so they can be bludgeoned with inadequate services rather then giving female seals the right to choose.   Party style?  Close friends gathered to listen to him play his keyboards.  Cheap white wine 3/4 glass/person. , Costco or Walmart bulk snacks.  Play board games and try not to lose temper if you lose.

michaelignatieffiguana Michael Iguana-tieff.  Cold blooded lizard out for only it’s own survival.  A lashing tongue coated with sweetness to attract prey.  Hangs out in the desert looking for opportunities.  Beware, he may hug and kiss but he’ll gobble you up if given the chance.  Party style?  Name drop like hell to attract the cream of some kind of crop:  promise adoring fans to do a reading from your book, ensure that ‘the people’ are present only as subserviant workers.

jacklaytonrabbit Jack Layton-Rabbit.  Kicks with hind feet.  Fast runner.  Holds onto left foot as feels it gives him luck.  Not easy to snare as is fast,  like a used care salesman…pops back into hole when chased.  If he suspects you are a fellow rabbit he’ll draw you into the tribe.  Party style?  Pot-luck and gather the attenders in circle before eating to turn what may have been a prayer into a speech.  Beer, red wine and ethnic dishes.

gillesduceppegoosestep Gilles Goosestep.   Sticks his neck out because he knows he can.  Caution, if struck by Goosestep party wing , it may hurt like hell.  Prefers you maintain V formation and he’ll do almost anything to keep it that way although creative experimentation is allowed.  Party style?  Dancing and talk politics during breaks, ensuring the discussions are intellectual/philisophical.  Open bar and catered by sister-in-law.

elizabethmaykermitfrog  Elizabeth ‘Kermie’ May.  What can I say, ‘It’s not easy being green’.

December 13, 2008 at 2:31 pm 2 comments

Who’s Really Ruling?

stephenharperpieta “Mommy!  


Harper is not happy the Quebec police have taken tasers out of action until further testing has been done on them.  This is just one area that has Baby Steve upset, for it goes against his Napoleanic brain.  Oops…Napolean complex is supposed to be short men….does this mean, oh no, STEVE, is IT that small???


Again, Canada has the opportunity to turn it’s self around and come closer to the purest form of Democracy on earth, the Iroquois Constitution.  Cities like Port Coquitlam have moved to help take the politics out of governance by creating a set of sustainable principles and creating a decision making matrix based on this.  Adios, ego and self interest.  Canada signed on to the United Nation’s Agenda 21 on Sustainability who’s underlying theme is sustainable governance.  What is that?  It has been called holisitic governance or spiritual governance in the past.  Google it.  Have a look at Port Coquitlam and seek other cities moving to do the same.  The time is getting shorter for the bubble of the dark to burst…buckle up, the ride is going to be something else!!!!!  Yes, the dark ages are coming again, though they will be briefly lived because they cannott sustain themselves any longer….then comes the new world, the world based on the feminine healing energy….goodbye Patriarchy.


MNN.  Dec. 3, 2008.  The vermin have come out of the woodwork.  Now that Canada’s Parliament has been suspended, it should now be obvious to everyone, Canada is not a democracy.  It never was.  It is a colony that has a single person, the Queen, sitting on top as the head of state.  It’s been run for the benefit of a few business interests.  It only pretends to protect the people.  
Canada has no land base as Ongwehonwe never gave up anything.  Turtle Island and its resources belong to us.    
On December 4th 2008 Canada’s Parliament was “prorogued”.  In other words, the pretense of representative government of the colony was dissolved.  Prime Minister, Stephen Harper presented a bogus budget to Parliament.  He wanted to cut corporate taxes, slash social, education and health programs.  He even wanted to cut off the election subsidies to the parties.  It was outrageous.  He knew it would be rejected.  His party was outnumbered.  Next Monday, December 8th, he would have had to face a vote of “non-confidence”, lose and then step down.  Then another election would have been called with just about the same result as the last one.  Harper would have had another minority government.   Canadians have spoken.  They don’t him to have too much power.
 The other parties, the Liberals, New Democratic and Bloc Quebec, decided to form a coalition, which was legal according to their colonial structure.  It made sense.  It followed Canadian cultural precedent.  It has to have been anticipated by Harper and whoever pulls his strings.  
What was the real plan?  The Governor General of Canada, Michaele Jean, had been sent to Europe to be near whoever pulls the strings of her boss, Queen Elizabeth.  The Governor General was called back “suddenly” to fulfill this colonial metaphor about being a single head of state, the “maharajah” who reigns over her subjects in Canada.  Harper asked the Governor General to discontinue Parliament for eight weeks [or more].  
“Prorogue” means to discontinue meetings of parliament without dissolving it.  In other words, it’s a dictatorship.  The Prime Minister can indefinitely extend his term of office if he can create the “need” for it.  It was a measure meant to take care of emergencies – like war.  It was not meant to allow a prime minister to assume dictatorial power, or to do an end run around the discussions that should take place when people living in widely separate places with different needs have to work together.  Canada’s chaotic state is a sign that differences are coming out and their system cannot deal with it.   (more…)

December 6, 2008 at 7:54 am 3 comments

Maiden, Mother, Crone

  The Women rocked.  The Democratic Convention was all about it.  And so they should have because after  a few millenium of patriarchy women are becoming more  and more unfettered by the ties that bind.  Those ties come from a system that seeks to oppress but the oligarchie’s days are numbered.

Strange as it is watching the Democrats and siding with them yet still not quite understanding even that part of U.S.’ian culture, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and even Chelsea Clinton introducing her mom was as moving and proving of the divine, healing, female energy.  And no you don’t have to be a woman to carry this force, but we all know that woman are more inclined to possess it…after all, we have wombs and physically are more connected to Mother Earth because of this.  Two-spirits (homosexuals) carry this.

Hillary made Bill…that’s a given.  To hear Michelle speak the other night, we know who’s made Obama.  Mothers and wives.  To spurn off into indigenous culture, Creator gave the land to the women to steward…it was never to be ‘sold’, or to be polluted and exploited and raped like it has been.

Cracking the glass ceiling ….ya.  

While Hillary and Michelle are at opposing ends of the Democratic scale, you have to hand it to both to Mother Michelle and Crone Hillary.  Two dynamic women who, perhaps should have the ticket of Prez and Vice-Prez…imagine that duo.  

And who did MSM bury in their coverage of the convention?  In paradoxical light, Dennis Kucinich is the only person throughout Bush’s long eight years in office to bring war crimes to the front.

August 26, 2008 at 11:44 pm 2 comments

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Because this is THE number one cause to donate to...until Canada recognizes it must deal on a nation to nation basis with First Nations ALL our laws and progress are impaired by a false system. ANY rights, be they gay, gender, minority, whatever, cannot be solved until we go back to the beginning and foundation of North America and honour the Two Row Wampum.

Mohawk Nation News and the Mohawk Clan Mothers lead the way on legal issues surrounding sovereignty. Please donate , it helps you too by bringing RULE OF LAW to Canada and the United States. PAYPAL

OR send cheque or money order to:
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Scott Tribes post on the fantasic children in a canadian indigenous community with no school who are working hard to get one….a MUST READ. petition to sign.
The Queendom of, clothing etc. to support Hawaiian Sovereignty

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