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The Wannabes and the Gottabes (6N vs. G8)


Who’s this guy? There’s nothing wrong with ‘wannabe indians’…it shows interest in the culture, empathy with the struggles and celebration of the ways. The name is unfortunate, but. Then there’s the ‘gottabes’…those who somehow have convinced themselves they are native in a past life, or have the right to claim land because they are so spiritually elevated ‘they know best’. These are the self-appointed gurus of life (come in every colour, stripes may or may not be included).

Guillaume ‘Billy’ Carle, a buddy of Phil Fontaine (=apple) seems to be a gottabe. He’s promoting his company, Confederation of Aboriginal People of Canada (CONC…or is that CONQueror?) that promotes non-status , non-native and maybe even cats and dogs to join…all in the name of protecting ‘their’ culture. Who’s culture? This Quebec man of European heritage? Natives? It’s a hocus pocus money operation no doubt living off government grants and their few member’s fees. Nothing like the conqueror telling natives how to do things…seen and heard it before. There’s many, many a non-native who knows to suggest, to learn, to help…it’s not done with ego.

Recently the Six Nation Clan Mothers gave him the boot …speaking of which, why all the media attention to the G8 and only negative to the 6N??? Oh, I forgot, Canada doesn’t like to regard it’s own laws….silly me! Let’s divert to the world stage. Good show so far, eh? A bunch of people going yay, nay, maybe.

Please read Kahentinetha Horn’s article on this flim-flam man…it will get you roaring for sure.

BTW, I photoshopped this ‘gottabe’ …seeing as he’s speaking up for the June 29th day of protest in his perception of his ‘spiritually correct’ role of ‘I am everyman, my home is everywhere’ (gag me), I thought I’d make him look how he sees himself:

Does he cut it? Naw!


June 8, 2007 at 11:10 pm 10 comments

Hey Schultz, You Nitwit!

That cute little mamma’s boy, Gary McHale, is at it again. Seen here dressed up in his ‘Sunday go to meetin” clothes, Scary went and put some Canadian flags up at the boundary of the Caledonia land reclamation site. My, how frightening!!!

McHale, who’s racist ways can be seen on the wonderfully humourous site Caledonia Wakeup Call, (Scary has quite a knack for fiction) had the failed attempt earlier this year to march en masse with his skinhead friends in an attempt to rile up the Mohawks holding the land. Scary had predicted 20,000 would show up, but his couple of hundred were outnumbered by the Mohawk’s potluck supper group. Hey Scary, got no friends, make cool aid!!!

Now he wants to put more Canadian flags up and ribbons for the troops. Here’s his message by way of my sister, Bluejay:

I, for one, would like to thank everyone who thought up the idea of putting up Canadian Flags – it was great and great to see the support of residents.
I believe the message has gotten out but in a very limited way – no Toronto coverage or Canada wide. I believe that the media can work for us. Let the media ask McGuinty & Fantino questions about why is it wrong to put up Flags.
Therefore, I would like to know whether people would support the idea of setting Sat. Dec. 17 – 1pm as a time to have people in Caledonia and around Caledonia to gather to put up Canadian Flags and ribbons in support of Canada and our troops.
If you like the idea then please email me and I can announce it to the media and post it on my site by Tuesday. Then we sit back and let Fantino & McGuinty put their own foot in their mouths. 
Please let me know what you think.
By the way – from several source – the Natives have removed the flags by the Power Station – OPP stood by and watched.

Gary McHale
Wow gary! everyone’s going to be mighty frightened by that! Such provocation! imagine having pieces of cloth erected on your land. Yes, we know you think you have a maple leaf where your heart belongs, but have you checked it for affids lately?

yes , gary, ‘you know nothzing!’

*NOTE: for those still not understanding that the ‘quebec as a nation’ issue does not make natives canadian or quebecers, please read the following from MNN . Some well intentioned bloggers are saying native rights are very important and become jeopardized with the semantics and implications, but there’s a reason natives are called FIRST NATIONS….its because that’s how it is, and FIRST NATIONS must be dealt with on a nation to nation basis.

December 4, 2006 at 6:49 pm 7 comments

Prepping for the Birth of a New Nation

Gilles:As you see, Monsieur Prime Minister, now that you are in your second trimester it is time to view our facilities. You will agree they are the finest, non? When the baby nation comes out of your mangina, our staff will place it to your moobs. We ensure you non of our staff are injuns, and there is plenty of room here for your security staff and your wife, Boreen.

Steve:WOW! And will my children with Jewish names be allowed in too?

Gilles: But of course! We can also accomodate your official photographer, the one who likes to capture your buck teeth and double chin.

Steve: But he told me those were great shots.

Gilles: Yes, of course they were. I was just making a little joke. Merde.

Steve:What does that mean?

Gilles: It is french for god.

And that’s enough of that! This story bugs me to no end. I guess it’s good in the sense that 800 people weren’t bombed or Georgie didn’t say anything ultra ridiculous. It’s been slow news and that will do.

November 28, 2006 at 12:09 am 11 comments

It’s Official…Quebec is a Nation

Ah Duceppe! Congratulations. Quebec as a nation within a united Canada, you say? You seem happy with that, proud, Lord knows all the political wranglings behind it….one person says this, you say that, another says….whatevers!!!

“Bonjour, merci, I am happy to take away from the pressing duties of Canada to chalk up some political points for the Bloc. Oui, I could have brought Harper down or gotten our troops home earlier, re-instated the Kyoto and Kelowna Accords, but that would be something for someone responsible, and I would not have gotten this lovely tierra by doing all that.

And now I am please to say I have created a nid de frelon that people like Gordon Campbell, Gerard Kennedy, Ken Dryden, and Michael Chong have voluntarily walked into. Well, perhaps they should wear ‘Depends’ under their pants so they don’t get stung. They protest for all the wrong reasons, of course, because they have no more desire to see First Nations rights followed then me. But it’s a good ploy, no?

Rene Leveque, eat my shorts because I will accomplish more then you, and all without having translated the Bloc’s website into English. Am I brilliant or what?

Vive le Quebec!”

November 27, 2006 at 7:18 pm 3 comments


Candlelight casts one of the prettiest glows I know. The ulta in incandesent, it’s warm hues create a seemingly magical illusion, but perspective is everything and the illusion may be the reality in this world lit and powered by damning waterways, firing coal, and making nuclears (whatever they are) react . Best of all they hide the mess and my wrinkles.

Bowen Island is just one of the many communities hit by B.C.’s snow storm, rendering thousands without hydro. We’re fine, the landlord has a skookum propane generator that looks like a heavy duty Briggs and Straton. First priority, making coffee. Second plugging in a portable electric heater. Third, accessing the internet on a limited basis through backup dialup and laptop batteries. Yes we had to do some things out of the norm, like collect snow to melt and pour the water into the toilet tank after we flushed (we’re on a well and it’s an electric pump). And I do admit to missing things like wandering off into the bush to pee….there’s something about peeing outdoors that’s so nice….but the snow was too deep and I didn’t want to freeze me arse off.

It doesn’t take much when the power goes out to think about all the people who live without any on a daily basis. I like my comforts but I’m not so blind as to think being sans power is really ‘roughing it’. We were still warm, had food, shelter and clothing. It is enough to think of all the homeless in Canada. It is enough to think of all those in the world who live happy lives without zapping frequencies messing with their synapses.

Power then leads me to think of power-mongers. What’s with that? The structure of an hierarchy is such that if you wield power above another that leaves a space above for someone to wield power over you. Why would you want to give up your freedom like that? Liberation comes by acting in a circle. We need human power outages in the world.

The power plays over ‘Qebec as a Nation’ are falsely generated. We all know First Nations already are sovereign but the nuclear power plants (there’s those weird little things called nuclears again) go against natural power, the circle is based on nature’s laws and not polyester politics. It doesn’t take guys trying to prove the size of their kajones to state these false bounds. In fact, without false power they’d have major shrinkage.

Gerard Kennedy, liberal leadership candidate has said he does not believe in the ‘Quebec as a Nation’ bullshit, diversion power play. He’s concerned with aboriginal rights and other minorities. This is his powerplay of course, he’s gambling that by stepping away from the fray that delegates will pick up on the popular notion that this is all a kettle of red herrings and will cast his way. In the end, Kennedy, as far as I can tell, is just another guy with shrinkage. Shrinkage and balloon head syndrome….have these guys ever thought about going to the doctor? Good for Kennedy for taking the gamble though.

If you REALLY want to read about governance, nations and all that hoohaw, click on the MNN link on the sidebar. Look up the Iroquois Constitution. If you’re lucky you won’t have to read it by candle light. The IC is the truest form of democracy in the world. it is not a notion that Chief Phil Fontaine came up with, pretending to represent all natives. Phil must have some shrinkage going on too….but a growing bank account. Quebec seperatists could learn from circle too….after all, any plans they’ve come up with to date do not recognize or respect the inherent rights of natives and their traditional territories. A bit like the pot calling the kettle noir. Let’s get off the road of whining and look at the facts. Quebec, you are no more a nation within a nation because Canada is not a nation for it continually undermines its own rule of law regarding native rights. Legally, this makes you null and void.

Now if you’ll pardon me I have to go read the news online, just to see if the world exists anymore….it’s a daily game I play before taking the dog for a walk along the trails through the woods that help connect me to all the beauty in this world. Snow is beautiful too and I’ll really get my exersize today when I walk through the trails to meet a friend who’s going to Beirut tomorrow, having been beckoned to do some spiritual work there. OH OH, there’s that word, spiritual, that makes too many go ‘ugh’ because of the New Age Movement and and so many self-appointed gurus and women in purple robes with silver feather earrings (I make sure never ever to wear any). Some of us who are spiritual say things like ‘fuck’ and dress and act ‘normal’. Never ever trust a ‘spiritual’ person who doesn’t have a sense of humour and thinks power is some little nuclears going off in the ego.

Here’s sending good thoughts out to the homeless, as we call them, the ones who are down and out or displaced because of war or other circumstances. In Hawaiii, the homeless say, ‘Ah no , sistah, we not homeless, look all around, Hawaii is our home, we have a beautiful home. We is HOUSELESS’. Something to ponder because it’s that very attitude that give the Hawaiians so much strength working for their sovereignty. Love is their strength, they don’t use the word ‘power’ to describe their efforts. Love, or Aloha (which is not just saying ‘love’, aloha is spirit, the essence of love flowing through each breathe).

To all of you out there reading this, I love you even though I’m just in the kindergarden of life and love. I haven’t met any graduates yet.

Our power is back on, but if you’ll excuse me I have to fill some buckets with water, just in case it goes out again.

*NOTE, on the side bar under ‘useful links for activists’ is a comprehensive list of emails and site I put together for the Mohawk Clan Mothers. I can be used for many different things. You are more then welcome to put this ink on your site.

Underneath, YAYA CANADA has some more pertinent info.

November 27, 2006 at 9:09 am 5 comments

What’s a Nation, Steve?

So, Quebec is a ‘Nation within a United Canada’ eh? That crafty Steve, thinking he can appease all. FAT CHANCE!!! Oops, there I go making fun of his royal corpulance when at one time I was 50 pounds heavier. Take public office and you’re a target for anything….especially if your last name begins with ‘Harper’.

There’s one thing Steve and Gille Ducepe have left out about this whole nation, culture hoohaw….and that’s that we’re ALL ON NATIVE LAND!

Steve: Duh’ya. It kinda slipped my mind because Tom Flannagan taught me not to give in to the redskins, they have resources and minerals. But Ralph Klein is a chief ya know, so Boreen got me this costume at Mr. Big and Tall for halloween and I’d like to make some First NATION friends so I can get a real, genuine headress. Duceppe can fudge off for now because the Voyeur, I mean Voyageur outfits aren’t as cool.

But I’m in a dilemna because I need the Bloc’s support and for the country , I mean nation, to see me as strong and vote me back in. Darn, I wish the indian population were bigger so they’d vote for me and it would make a difference…what’s that? OH, most don’t bother voting? But why? This is a great United American nation! And we continue to kill them off…ya but whaddya expect when they protest all the time?

Quebec sovereigntists don’t recognize the inheritent rights of natives but we’ll make sure we force them to….oh wait, we don’t recognize aboriginals either and I tore up that Kelowna Accord thingy. But it was a piece of crud and we can do better by making a few changes by 2050 along with our environmental policy. Did I tell you that Jim Prentice and Rona Ambrose are getting married?

November 23, 2006 at 10:49 pm 6 comments

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Because this is THE number one cause to donate to...until Canada recognizes it must deal on a nation to nation basis with First Nations ALL our laws and progress are impaired by a false system. ANY rights, be they gay, gender, minority, whatever, cannot be solved until we go back to the beginning and foundation of North America and honour the Two Row Wampum.

Mohawk Nation News and the Mohawk Clan Mothers lead the way on legal issues surrounding sovereignty. Please donate , it helps you too by bringing RULE OF LAW to Canada and the United States. PAYPAL

OR send cheque or money order to:
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Scott Tribes post on the fantasic children in a canadian indigenous community with no school who are working hard to get one….a MUST READ. petition to sign.
The Queendom of, clothing etc. to support Hawaiian Sovereignty

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