Because Timing is Everything

December 10, 2008 at 11:53 am 2 comments

parliamenthillclock1 As Canada preps for Harper’s speech tonight(speech, what speech, there was a cheesy announcement)  that will include words from the Governor General (perhaps, if she’s not too jet lagged and Stevey doesn’t want her good looks to override his announcement), we can look at ANYTHING but the Rule of Law to be imposed.    As clever as he is, I’m sure Steve’s advisors like UofC prof. and mentor Tom Flanagan will have drawn up a plan that buys Steve the one precious thing he needs…TIME.

And during that time GG Michaelle Jean will be steadfastly looking everywhere BUT Rule of Law for these two are both desperados , facing being on the cattle ramp for EI like too many Canadians.   To actually appoint the Coalition as government would mean Iggy first has to be elected Liberal leader and fit well in bed with Jean.   Can the two tango,  will there be funds promised for Haiti if the horizontal cha-cha works out to climazx?

Meantime the Mohawk Clan Mothers wait for just the right moment, that  second within eternity, that will end the most barbaric practises a nation could undertake and that is the continuuing genocide of First Nations.  What could spell doomsday for Canada could create a jibing rhyme that allows the arrow in motion to hit bullseye at Parliament Hill and Rule of Law opening up then BINGO, sovereignty at last!!!  It is also an arrow that leaves the wind in it’s path for Canada to truly clean up it’s act.

Everything is critical now, from when Steve gets up in the morning to when he finds time for a Faust’ian moment on his keyboards ….scroll down to 4th story (ah Steve,just don’t play us ABBA).  

harper-cp-5755209_206   Maybe when the clock strikes 12 Canadians will finally get it.  All along they’ve bought their country’s own bullshit.  Peacekeeping Nation?  How many truly know we had two ships in the Gulf as soon as Bush announced his pre-emtive war in Iraq?  How many know the U.S. contracted the RCMP to train Iraquis in Jordan to be short lived police (average life span of Iraqi police during war….about two days).  And this is just the tip of the iceberg for government after government, be it Liberal or Conservative have done dirty deeds BECAUSE THE SYSTEM ALLOWS IT, and allows it to be hidden , partly by a media we view as oh so strong and free that is controlled by the electronic and ink barons?   Back before CBC even changed their logo to look like an exploding sphincter Canadians thought they were getting the ‘real’ news.  Never.  Nada.  Wake up and smell the denaros dissapearing from your pocket like ice cream on a hot day.

We have been fooled.  All along Canada has never followed Rule of Law.  Canada is NOT a democracy, it only alows some e hues to show through but never has the full light shone and the sins that have entailed are atrocious.

For christ’s sake it’s 2008….yet it took how long and how much pressure for the Vancouver police to even think of investigating the Pig Farm?  It was all hookers and First Nations women, just like the Highway of Death, or the Starlight rides, the indigenous peoples of Canada are still the target of genocide.  Steve has taken it further and the military that was first posed at Caledonia when 6N reclaimed that land has grown….yes, the OPP fired tasers on unarmed women and children but now it seems the armed forces are poised to do more.  Why?  Because they can, and they will continue in a worse way if prorogue becomes the government du jour.  No matter how much faith or love you put in this nation it is one cleverly crafted of leather S&M blindfolds. The apology?  A farce.  The media and government didn’t even make an attempt at revealing the real horrors yet we have this fear and loathing of any Goebel-esque practises.    Adolf was only one , there are many at the helm of White Supremacy and they come in all shapes and sizes from the stern looking John A. MacDonald to the  avuncular Lester B. Pearson and charismatic Pierre Ellliot Trudeau (you know, the great hope who instilled Marshall Law).   You and I have been whipped.  

Deneument won’t come for a while.  The arrow of justice will hit it’s target at some point but for that to happen Canadians must first realize they’ve been duped all along or there will be chaos….it will be revealed that the colonist governments of Canada and the United States are in fraud and treason unto themselves for not enacting on Rule of Law…they are illegal governments.  Do you know how dangerous this is?  If you truly believe in Canada you will push for Rule of Law so the round pegs of true  democracy can move from the square holes to the circle.

  How much longer can denial play itself out?  See what I mean by timing?  YOU and I  must look at ourselves (no matter creed culture or illusion of race) , you must admit to the pain of your country’s lies because  it’s been enacting betrayal since the begginning and now it’s outright abandonment because neither Harpergang nor Coalitionville are on the right path.   Step onto the curb and get  a better look at what’s happening, what’s happened.   Brainwashing is a powerful tool we are all subject to.  Time to have a hard gander and admit there are so many areas that need a good rinse cycle.

Do you REALLY  want true democracy?  Then it will take more then just a Coalition, you must help the arrow’s trajectory , are you willing to do that?

Look at your watch….life is short, n’est pas?  Ride the wind now, with all it’s grace and glory, and let the arrow fall on target.

DEMAND, command, and understand.


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Iggy Corgie sent to Canada to Clean Up…


  • 1. stephen t berg  |  December 10, 2008 at 9:33 pm

    You are far ahead of me in decoding the machinations of our antiquated government.

    I count myself as one of the unwashed-brainwashed. What can I say, it was in my mother’s milk. But I am willing to listen. Willing to be rinsed, for as many cycles as it takes.

    So I keep my ear to the ground. (I was helped in this, literally, growing up with a Cree half-brother.) I knew about the contracted RCMP, not about the ships.

    I’m sick about a tyrannous system that is heavily freighted against First Nations people. I helped bring CNFB’s “Finding Dawn” to Edmonton and helped promote the event. The day of the event, Stephen Harper (how does this happen?) came to town to announce some cash outlay for some kinda thing…where did the media go? (btw: Dawn Cray, whose DNA was found at the Pig Farm, is my sister-in-law’s sister.)

    But like you, as you outlined in your Who’s Ruling? post, I am convinced that the existence of our world depends upon our adoption, in spirit and practice, of a “Great Law of Peace.”

    Blossoms to you.

  • 2. harpervalley  |  December 11, 2008 at 7:38 am

    steve, you never cease to amaze me….you were cool way back when and continue to be so. the ‘finding dawn’ + harper was ironic, and that’s being overly diplomatic. i forgot all about your half brother!!! and what horror for your extended sister!!! the vancouver cops were (maybe still are) tied in close with the hell’s angels…..a huge port city without the means to fight all the gangs and drugs, so deals were enlisted ‘you scratch my back i’ll scratch yours but turn your head the other way when we do stuff’. i’m still convinced by word on the street which says the angels had a lot to do with the pig farm.

    i have kept myself open that i was brainwashed and this has helped a lot, because there is forever something new cropping up where i go, ‘omg, they got me there’. even though i like to think my grey matter does not contain pockets of tide and ivory soap 😀

    so, now we wait. wait for humanity to bottom out,flat line, because the exterior forces won’t allow us to go on as we are anymore. it’s always best to sit in the eye of the hurricane, n’est pas?

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