The Answer, My Friend, is Glowing in the Wind…unravelling the Sharbot Lake Uranium mystery

September 15, 2007 at 2:18 pm 12 comments

For ‘The Great Yellow Ribbon Debate’ see YaYa Canada.
Ontario Premier Dalton MaGuinty has a couple of tumours ready to swallow the chinless wonder up. Seems the uranium mining on unceded Algonquin land is glowing with unravelling mystery as ‘The Big O’ (ontario) becomes a radiant uranium U.S. tourist destination.


MNN. Sept. 14, 2007. Frontenac Ventures Corporation is going
to court in Kingston on September 20th to get a permanent
injunction to remove the Algonquins and their settler allies
from the land of their ancestors. They want to mine uranium.

According to Frontenac’s listing, it provides “internet electronic
commerce solutions”. Pretty vague and banal. Look at their
website and don’t be fooled.;jsessionid=373C8058A5960160A67D0317C2A8E268?what=frontenac%20ventures&where=oakville

The question that has been bugging us is how did Frontenac
get a permit from the Ontario government to explore 60 square
kilometers of East Brancroft, which are Sharbot and Ardoc
Lakes, 42 miles north of Kingston? Who is responsible for
this violation of Indigenous rights? It certainly wasn’t a public
act of the Ontario legislature.

A little sleuthing revealed that the Geological Survey of
Canada, a federal government department, has an “open”
file #4460. This means the Canadian government has
surveyed the area. The “airborne gamma ray spectrometry
and airborne radio metric “anomalies” are the uranium
deposits on Algonquin land.

Frontenac never specifically stated how they got this permit
from the Ontario government or how this colonial interloper
ever gained the right to give anyone such a permit. Even in
cases where there have been treaties, Canada’s Indian Affairs
department has usually recognized that the indigenous
peoples retain underground mineral rights. In this case, the
Algonquins never surrendered the land in question. Ontario’s
authority is based on pure presumption. It looks like outright
theft from the Algonquins, who are being kept in the dark.

In all probability, based on our past experience with the settler
society, we would guess that the shady characters behind
Frontenac Ventures already know it’s a fraud on the Algonquins
and on the Canadian public. Frontenac is using government
surveys and Algonquin land as collateral to raise money for
their project.

According to a December 18th 2006 power point presentation
by S. White, the secretary of Frontenac, so far this company
has invested $250,000 in 2006 for their exploration program.

In 2006 Frontenac discovered additional uranium based on
about 100 core samples and 4,500 kilograms of bulk samples
which were sent for testing to Lakefield Research in
Peterborough. They found more uranium than expected.
Imagine how excited the weapons salesmen for the U.S. and
Canadian military must have been! These guys have no
common sense. They don’t care how many people they kill
or how much of the world they destroy, as long as they make
their profit.

In 2007 Frontenac announced they are hoping to raise $3
million to go in and explore for more uranium. That’s when
they started to make plans to get it out. But the Algonquins
and the local settlers got wind of it. That’s when some
information seeped out to the public and the protests began.

You would think that a project involving a huge natural resource,
and the integrity of the environment of a substantial part of
southern Ontario and Quebec would require public
consideration and consultation before being set in motion.
You might think that in a democracy that such a project
would be the object of public discussion in a legislature
composed of representatives of the people. Not so in
Canada! The so-called government is a corporate lackey.
It acts mechanically without thinking, without feeling, without
consultation, as if there was no humanity involved. It behaves
with robotic loyalty to its corporate controllers.

What passes for “government” in the settler society told
Frontenac there are 12 million tons of material in the East
Bancroft find, from which can be extracted half a pound of
uranium per ton. The entire area will have to be indelibly
scarred destroying the environment for thousands of years
in order to get the uranium out. This is what “open pit mining”
is about and is brazenly spelled out on Frontenac’s website.
It’s also known in the industry as “over-burden stripping –
cut and dump”.

The dirt that was trucked out during the exploration was found
to yield higher concentrations of uranium than the government
estimated – 14.2 pounds per ton of material, to be exact! They
will be running in there with shovels and pails in hand. This
means that they hit the “mother lode”, the “jackpot”! In terms
of the military industrial war complex, it’s a license to print money.
This could mean the Algonquins are in real danger! We know
from past experience that nothing will be allowed to come between
these heartless gluttons and their greed.

At this point Frontenac is waiting for winter so they can go in and
get the ore out during stages 4 and 5 of phases “Q3 and Q4” of
their covertly devised business plan. They have to get those
Algonquins out of “their” way! What does this mean? It means
they found it. They want it. And they’re gonna try to get it by any
means necessary – no holds barred.

Let’s look at the value of 12 million tons of material, at half a
pound of uranium per ton, according to the November 29th 2006
“spot rate” of at least US$63 per pound of uranium. This works
out to $540 million for Frontenac based on conservative
Geological Survey of Canada figures. Last January the price
went up to US$135 per pound. If you do the math, it is worth
over US$800 million.

Now let us estimate this based on the latest findings of 14.2
pounds per ton. This brings the profit into the region of US$176
billion, that is, if people want to wage that much war or make
that many new “Chernobyls”.

Since Frontenac has invested $250,000 so far, this suggests
they expect a modest return of about $US700,000 to $1
invested. [They must be just delirious!] How do you like
them odds? Oh, I forgot, there might be some production
costs which might reduce it a little bit. Of course, the whole
plan is whacky as all get out. Humanity cannot withstand the
amount of pollution and destruction needed to maintain these
prices. The whole scheme comes from “flakesville”. You can
bet your bottom dollar that Frontenac investors are not
farsighted enough to see this. They’re hell bent on profit and
they don’t give a damn how much damage they do in the

On their power point presentation Frontenac estimates the
real target is “50 million pounds” or more. This could yield a
profit of trillions. It would reshape the landscape. There would
be no trees and the people would flee!

It’s a fantasy worthy of Scrooge McDuck in the comic books.
But their brutality against the Algonquins is no laughing matter.
These guys are salivating so much they probably have to wear
terry cloth bibs over their Armani suits. They are diverting our
attention from the strange bulges in their pants made by the
“Depends” diapers they wear to protect their Armanis from the
way they keep pissing themselves in excitement!

According to their fantasies, all they have to do is send in their
Tonka Trucks and take it away for an initial investment of
$250,000, so far. Pretty good return, eh! And it was handed to
them on a platter by the Geological Surveys of Canada, funded
by the Canadian taxpayer, to the detriment of Medicare and other
social services for which there is a more immediate need. Is this
what they call government “for” and “by” the people?

Frontenac’s Board of Directors are: Anthony DeWerth, Chairman;
George White; Joel Lipshitz; Jack Kirkland; Jim Honsberge. Its
Officers are: George White, President and CEO; David Callander,
Treasurer; Scott White, Secretary and power point wizard; Jack
Kirkland, counsel; Dr. Sethu Raman, F. Chris Harvey and Terrence
Bottril, Technological and Geological Advisors.

There are 12 shareholders, of which ten are named above. Two
are “secret” or “silent” partners. Who the hell could they be?
Ontario and Canada? Or is that asking too much?

Frontenac and their colonial allies obviously think they have to
dumb us down so they can take control of our assets for “our
own good”? We’ve heard it all before. Similar scams are being
run on the Aborigines of Australia [Northern Territories]. They
won a big land claims case but uranium was found on it. Canada
and Australia are the top uranium producers in the world.

So covert action had to be immediately taken. Three months after
the Supreme Court of Australia decision confirming their land title,
Prime Minister Howard declared martial law. He sent the army to take
over the administration of 62 Aborigine communities. This was done
on the pretense that outside control was needed to protect the “best
interests” of the children living there. All of a sudden it was decided
that the parents were “too drunk to be competent”. It appears the
Aborigines have no legal standing to argue their own case. They
cannot challenge the government because they are classed as
“children”, “wards” or “non persons”. Shades of Duncan Campbell

The deliberate degradation of our communities and then taking
them over is not new. Canada’s concern is that we have all the
land with the ore, oil and resources they want for nothing. We
are the largest landholding group per capita on Turtle Island.
From this perspective, we are the wealthiest per capita even if
the colonial states are bound and determined to deny us our
political and economic rights.

Our standard of living continues to be kept at the bottom of their
megalomaniac hierarchical model. It’s just a new incarnation of
the old genocidal policy that manifested itself the moment the
colonial corporations planted themselves on our land. How
can we escape this cruel dynamic?

These jackals refuse to address the first question. How did
Frontenac get a permit from Ontario to go onto unsurrendered
Algonquin land? How can Canada and Ontario give them
permission to trespass on our land and to steal our resources?
How can the trespassers then get a court injunction to kick us

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News
See: “Sharbot Lake”

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  • 1. Sharbot Lake Uranium Mystery « Politics’n'Poetry  |  September 15, 2007 at 5:39 pm

    […] The Answer, My Friend, is Glowing in the Wind…unravelling the Sharbot Lake Uranium mystery over at Harper […]

  • 2. Volunteer Community Wellington  |  September 16, 2007 at 2:16 am

    LOTS of Your Troubles are also White Skinned Canadian Born Natives problems Too
    but Many Can’t See it
    maybe till it’s Too late

  • 3. 900ft Jesus  |  September 16, 2007 at 11:34 am

    I have to look it up the details – I’ll try to do that today, but I read Frontenac is intending to sell its interests in at least the Sharbot Lake theft to another mining company. There are three organizations involved.

    I had heard speculation a couple of months ago that Frontenac was planning to sell and wanted to boost their stock value which is why they were pushing so hard on this particular land rape.

    My guess is all three companies planned this from the start – let the local company run the front line – seems less scary that way, pretend they give a damn about the communities, make a lot of job promises and “boost the economy” crap to win over settlers. As for the First Nations, they never seemed terribly concerned, figuring the gov. would eventually oust them.

    Different story when you have hundreds of really pissed of settlers as well! Shame it takes that, but this has also helped non-natives come closer to understanding what it feels like to have to fight for what is already yours.

    The Algonquin claim is real. There is no doubt that it is their land. If there was, they’d have been hauled off by now. Easy for the gov. to enforce what rights it has, but Natives have to defend and fight for what is already theirs far too often.

    I agree something more is behind just Frontenac Ventures, in this.

    Nice research, guys!!!

  • 4. 900ft Jesus  |  September 16, 2007 at 11:35 am

    wow! lots of typos on my part! Sorry, I’m freezing and hitting all the wrong keys!

  • 5. who cares  |  September 16, 2007 at 12:31 pm

    more than Frontenac Ventures claims,
    there’s RJKExplorations who’ve claimed another huge chunk of Lanark County, Leeds&Grenville including Rideau Lakes.
    they’re quietly doing their thing while all eyes are on Frontenac.

  • 6. harpervalley  |  September 16, 2007 at 10:14 pm

    politics and poetry….many thanks….this needs as much attention as possible, there’s something severely rotten in the state of the united north america and beyond.

    jesus….i think mrel’s dropped out (they have a .mil listing in internic)….as for silvio, george white claims they’re out of the deal but trading is still halted on both companies…..that’s a little too bizarre. with russia just buying a crap load of uranium i think more then the cold war has returned….it’s down right chilly, so chilly it’s hot.

    who cares….thanks for the link! an old ploy going on?

  • 7. Frank M  |  September 28, 2007 at 10:19 pm

    Iraq in Ontario

  • 8. harpervalley  |  September 29, 2007 at 9:24 am

    thanks frank….a very worthy article.

  • 9. Ant Bee  |  October 3, 2007 at 11:22 am

    can you all send out the info from sept 2
    www. news.

  • 10. Ant Bee  |  October 3, 2007 at 11:23 am

    messed that up, try

  • 11. Jo/Anne Antoine  |  October 4, 2007 at 2:16 pm

    Its not just about the land claims for the Algonquins it is about the health issues here if the uranium is mined.The mining company say they are loosing time and money from the blockades but can money buy us time if we all get sick and our land and water are polluted.We are to take care for the next generations, will ther be hope for these unborn children? Jo/Anne Antoine Morning Star

  • 12. harpervalley  |  October 4, 2007 at 3:22 pm

    Jo/Anne… though the government cares about individuals….steve rips up the kyoto accord yet the average citizen pays more and more for emission controls or littering fines than a corporation does for installing new filters for their smoke stacks.

    uranium mining screws the whole eco system, for people, plants, fish etc.. myopic thinking at the best.

    thanks for your comment,

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