Conrad, oh Conrad, why do you treat things so bad?

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Connie and Barbie shown here tree planting after ‘sentencing’ by Six Nations.  You’ll ‘get it’ if you read all of this fascinating article:


MNN.  July 15, 2007.  The issue for us is violation of our jurisdiction over a
British citizen who is visiting us and “double colonization”.  We never
surrendered our jurisdiction over any of our land or ourselves.  We
continue to be independent sovereign people.  Canada and the U.S.
are squatter colonies that are in violation of our jurisdiction.

The colony of Canada is trying to colonize us and illegally asserts its
jurisdiction over us and our land by force.  Now another colony, the
U.S., is asserting its phony jurisdiction over our territory on top of the
false Canadian one.  This is “double colonization” and doubly illegal
according to international law.  Conrad Black is a British citizen who
allegedly obstructed justice in the colony of Canada.  If he broke a law,
it is the law of the land, our law.  We have the right to decide on his guilt
or innocence.

If the U.S. succeeds in their current bid to take over Canada, it will put
us back to square one in our efforts to escape colonial oppression.

Conrad Black is no friend of Indigenous people.  As a right winger he
never publicized my views in any of his papers.  In fact, he should be
prosecuted for falsely representing his papers as giving “general news”.
He personally controlled the editorial content of all his newspapers.
They were biased and diligently kept out our views.  His wife was no
better.  She wrote staggering denunciations of our legal positions in
MacLean’s Magazine and other media.  They both violated the law of
the land that everyone should have an equal voice.  They worked with
the establishment to shut us up.

A U.S. court has no jurisdiction over Conrad Black’s action on Six
Nations soil, which is the settlement known as “Toronto Ontario”?
We of the Six Nations Confederacy have jurisdiction over Conrad
Black’s action that was committed on our land.

Conrad Black of Hollinger International was charged with 13 counts
for racketeering and obstruction of justice” by a U.S. court in Chicago.
He was acquitted of “racketeering”.  He was convicted of three mail
fraud charges and one for obstruction of justice of a Canadian court
order made in Toronto by a Toronto judge of Toronto settlers!

The Ontario Securities Commission had gotten a court order against
Conrad Black to not take his personal boxes out of his Toronto office.
While taking these boxes, he smiled and waved to the security cameras.
All the items were personal to him, such as pictures, correspondence,
tax returns, etc.  The U.S. wanted even those things that were not related
to the business world so they could air his dirty laundry in public.

Legally Canada and the U.S. should have handed him over to us to decide
if he had obstructed anyone on our land.  According to the Two Row
Wampum Treaty, we have the right to decide what to do with someone like
Conrad Black.  He may have mistakenly thought that the Canadian court
should exercise jurisdiction over the enforcement of their court order on
him.  He tried to trigger this by blatantly breaching it.  “Come and get me,
guys”, he gestured to the camera.

He didn’t violate any of our laws, the Kaianereh’ko:wa/Great Law of Peace,
or the Two Row Wampum.  He is guilty in the past of being in his boat and
trying to paddle our canoe with his views.  However, we think everyone
has a right to their own personal belongings.

Here’s another angle on colonial law.  When an individual incorporates a
company, aren’t they creating another person outside of themselves?
The corporation is a “fictional” person that can make contracts and be
charged for infractions.  An individual in the corporation is not libel.  When
they are in the U.S., they are under U.S. laws.  In Canada they are under
Canadian laws.  Conrad Black was charged in Canada as an individual, not
as a corporation.  He was trying to get the Canadian government to exercise
the fraudulent jurisdiction he thought they had over him by flagrantly breaking
the Canadian court order.

They refused.  They were intimidated into handing him over to the U.S. court s
ystem for something he did in Canada.

Perhaps the U.S. is now exercising their takeover of Canada by convicting
persons in the U.S. for doing something in Canada.  ‘Canadians’ should be
aware that they could be prosecuted in the U.S. for actions in Canada or
anywhere in the world.  Does the U.S. think their laws now extend to the
entire planet, and maybe even the universe?  Remember that U.S. President
George Bush did declare that this galaxy is his.  The phony free trade
agreement gives  U.S. companies the right to sue Canadians.

They are infringing on our Indigenous sovereignty.  This British citizen was
on our land and we have jurisdiction over him.  The Six Nations Confederacy
is the proper court for a British visitor.  He could be represented by an
Iroquois advocate who knows how to apply the Great Law and its procedures.
He might have avoided a jail term.  We don’t have any prisons.  It’s not part of
our culture.  We do rehabilitation, big time!

The Canadian colony being absorbed by the U.S. colony should have been
discussed with us, the land owners.  Conrad Black should have made his
presence on our land known to us so that we could provide him with a hearing
that would be fair and not oppressive as the one he faced in Chicago.

Black saw himself as fighting a war started by the “great U.S. government beast”.
Outside the court he constantly sniped at the prosecutors dismissing them as
“nazis “ and “fascists”.  The judge warned him to keep down his “sound bites”.
He described their case as a “toilet seat around their neck”.   The U.S. wants to
force its toilet seat over the entire earth!  Pew!  [to push shit down everybody’s
neck!]  No matter what, they are accountable to us, the Indigenous people and
the sovereigns of Turtle Island.  Until further notice, we’ll get back to you!

The other charges were that his company sold newspapers in Canada for which
he got non-compete fees which are legal in Canada, but not in the U.S.   David
Radler, his lifelong partner, negotiated these deals for Hollinger International with
some small U.S. papers.  They testified against Black.

The U.S. owners of these small newspapers get a lot of U.S. government
advertisement.  They could be put under a lot of pressure to help put Black away.
All the government had to do was point their economic gun to their heads, “You
are only alive because we give you business”.  They could have been shut down
overnight if they didn’t tow the line.

Can two jurisdictions make decisions on the same facts?  That would be “double
jeopardy”.  Black erroneously tried to start an action in the colony of Canada by
breaching one of their court orders.  Canada relinquished its colonial jurisdiction,
sold him out and handed him over to the U.S. beast out of fear and vengeance.
Once the action started in the U.S. nothing further could be done in Canada.

Had he come to us, we would have exercised our jurisdiction over a British
citizen who is traversing our land.  No one would have been able to legally
remove him from us.  He would have been under our protection as a ward of
our state.  It would have saved him from jail time.

Black thought he wasn’t violating U.S. law or any law.  The truth is the only law
that mattered was the Great Law.  Instinctively Conrad Black was right to think
that Canada and the U.S. had no right to him.  He should have told them, “The
only people who have a right to me are the Indigenous people of Turtle Island,
whose land I am visiting.  I know they would have treated me fairly [even if I
wasn’t nice to them because that’s the kind of people they are!]”.  We would not
charge Black for stealing his own stuff.  We could make him account for rape
and theft for chopping down our trees to print his newspapers.  Conrad, we
completely agree with your assessment of the “beast” that is trying to swallow
up the whole world.  We aren’t part of that system!

No one is going to grab us or our visitors by smacking us with their decrees
backed by armed force and putting us away for good.  This is Turtle Island,
Conrad, not Guantanamo Bay or Abu Graib!  Are they planning to feed you
bread and water and walking you around naked on a leash?  Conrad, don’t
take that cheerleading course.  They might put you at the top of the pyramid.

Anyone trying to convict us or our visitors has to answer to us.  We still have
jurisdiction.  We won’t put up with all of these high handed shenanigans on
our land by these immigrants anymore!  Our laws supersede that of the colonies.
Conrad, you can surrender your British passport to us and we can give you a
temporary Six Nations Confederacy visitor’s pass.  You can be under our
protection and no one can touch you.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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  • 1. cheez whiz  |  July 20, 2007 at 7:19 am

    Hi SCOUT!

    Check out the link to this MNN newsletter on Mark Steyn’s Maclean’s Magazine Conrad Black blog, July 18/07.
    (go to Blog Central and click on Mark Steyn)

    BTW, I also proudly wear a MNN Tshirt 🙂
    Love ya!

  • 2. harpervalley  |  July 20, 2007 at 9:51 pm

    it’s the remarkable cheez!!!!!
    i passed the link on to kahentinetha just in case she doesn’t know about it.

    gee, the kids must have given you a second of time!

    glad you sport an mnn shirt….yay!
    love ya too …you ever going to blog again?

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