The Knight is Dark

June 12, 2007 at 11:54 pm 6 comments

Well, well, well, Mr.’s Harper, Fontaine and Prentice. Looks like you all want to be the knights in shining armor and make that great legacy, lest a CN Rail engine goes up your collective arses. Guess you all grew up watching the same movies.

Harper announced his plans to ‘revolutionize’ the native land claim resolution process and he, Fontaine and Prentice are giggling with glee, for now, while they sit upon their steeds. OH OH boys! Look out….here comes THE TRUTH!!!

Let’s see, how much was the Kelowna accord that Harper ripped up going to cost? And now he’s going to dedicate $250 miilion a year for ten years to ‘solve the problem’? And WHAT is the truth of the matter? No matter what, claims have to be dealt with on a nation to nation basis…Harper has decided to set up an independant tribunal. Harper: “Instead of letting disputes over land and compensation drag on forever, fueling anger, frustration and uncertainty, they will be solved once and for all by impartial judges,”. Oh, I see…and who will these judges be, Steve? A panel made up of international diplomats? Steve, Canadian judges have been disregarding Canada’s own Rule of Law for , hmm, centuries…how will you ensure this tribunal will have no interests?

Ah yes, compromise…let’s give injuns bits of their land back, some sovereignty (note: some), but no mineral rights….well, hey, maybe there will be a cut to keep people happy.

Yoo hoo, Stevie! How come you recognize Quebec as a nation but not Indian Nations, as set out in ….READY…..TA DA……THE LAW!! Why don’t you just do your job as PM and order judges, premiers etc. to follow the law? Why don’t you follow the law, Stephen Joseph Harper? OH, I see , it’s too simple and you think you can convince the old ‘compromise’ game….you know, let’s move forward , win/win and all that. Do you really think Chief Terry Nelson is going to call off June 29th, the Day of Solidarity With First Nations?

Sir Lances BoilsAlot Harper sure knows how to bend Fontaine. Sir Philip Fountain of Goofs and Lord James Apprentass get to ride along side for the jousts that will follow. If you think natives will play Guinivere, send yourself a chain mail letter.

And speaking of following the law, how about signing this international online petition from the 6N Clan Moms….read it….you’ll learn the LAW.

BTW, Steve, Phil and Jim…you might try applying to Ajax as the white night, or to Monty Python as The Knights of Knickers’. Quit playing heroes, boys, and just do your job.
*CBC’s follow up interview with Jim Prentice. Prentice says this new deal will help ensure June 29th is a peaceful day…what, like people gathering to support First Nations is automatically not peaceful? Seems we have some stereotyping and spin here because who’s been shooting and tasering gathered, unarmed natives for decades now? Prentice, you live in a dream world, turn off your t.v.!!


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  • 1. sassy  |  June 13, 2007 at 1:59 am

    Just another humdrum photo op for Harper, the only difference this time being that the taxpayer did not have to foot the airfare for him and his stylist to fly to Afghanistan.

  • 2. harpervalley  |  June 13, 2007 at 8:03 am

    sassy…..haha, ya, when the going gets tough the wimps fly . this was a much cheaper exit……ultimatley MacHarper likes cheap.

  • 3. Bill-Muskoka  |  June 13, 2007 at 1:47 pm

    Hi Scout,

    Well, as the Premiere of Saskatchewan said today:

    But Mr. Calvert stressed that the legal challenge will not be about a broken promise.

    “If I were to hire lawyers to sue on every broken promise from Mr. Harper so far, I don’t think we have enough lawyers,” he said.

    I suggest the First Nations get in line, because the SCoC is going to have a real backlog of cases.

    Wait, they have been in line…for how long?

    I wish them the very best, and hope they realize they have the support of most Canadians, but they should remember fairness as well or they will lose that support.

    Good luck to Phil Fontaine…I hope he was not merely nodding agreement?

  • 4. harpervalley  |  June 13, 2007 at 5:29 pm

    bill….hey, been missing you and can’t post on your site as you don’t have it set for ‘others’…so only blogspot people can comment.

    anyways, i think canadians have to remember fairness……that everything is not just about land claims. i feel natives have been more then fair on land as after all, all of canada is traditional territories but but everything’s been reduced in what’s being asked for.

    haha, ya, they’ve been inline like, what…forever and a day? the law is the law and queen ann set up royal proclamations on this as new the new governments would take advantage of the natives. harper and fontaine are hoping to supercede the law by this new deal. nuh uh.

    prentice is trying his best to maintain that injuns are the cause of non-peaceful protests when it’s always been government ordered to fire on unarmed natives. racism at it’s best and that’s just one of the things the national day of protest is about.

    canadians don’t have much to fear….if you live on traditional territories you pay lease to whatever band. then costs and maintenance can be worked out between municipalities and districts and the bands so things don’t go sky high…’s very do-able.

  • 5. Nobody in particular  |  June 14, 2007 at 1:39 am

    Hey. Hoka hey. Comes a time when matters must be dealt with. People know. The Harper government, and certain other governments, try to make that time always in the future.
    Today we have a timeline.
    Phil Fontaine has been a good soldier-warrior; he’s never quit. He may not be “your” soldier, your preferred messenger, but the fact is he’s still there. He’s done some good work. He’s never been afraid to stand in “no man’s land.”
    That counts for something.
    I’ve admired your courage for some while, Harper Valley, and I’ll back you to the end.
    Still, we, you, us, them, can’t be fighting all the time.
    We should keep our fights until Harper is gone. Harper is like a skunk gutted badly and thrown into a pow wow by an enemy. Harper is like the bear-trap set in the children’s swimming hole. Harper is anathema to straight dealing and the given word. Prentice, not sure, he may be a good guy still, but under a thumb.
    We have to wait some time yet.
    I know, standing in between Harper’s ilk’s desires and his and their money will bring some relief to a warrior spirit, yet the strongest warrior is the one who can wait for the best chance of a good harvest, the wellbeing of his children and the people.
    This latest foray by Harper and Prentice is not the people’s field to die on.
    You know. You know! Just a little more time.
    There is still a chance that the peoples’ wise minds and steadfast hearts will prevail: there is a chance that Harper’s and Prentice’s gambit will see the people at the table asking questions, getting answers, finding solutions and making things right. There is a chance to do all this with peace. Liars cannot prosper. If Harper does not deal in good faith, if Prentice fails the people, if Fontaine bails, then is the time to act.
    The people and the land are forever. The people will not lose it by haste.
    We’re speaking of forever here, remember. Remember.

  • 6. harpervalley  |  June 14, 2007 at 10:42 am

    nobody in particular….i’m not fighting, i’m being my own sovereign self, just like many are to build the collective consciousness. it seems harper’s initiative is the thing that’s in haste….born out of the june 29th solidarity. prentice has twisted words to sound out one of the things june 29th is all about…racism. the media doesn’t even question his words, which say that this new deal will hopefully provide for a peaceful protest….that’s saying injun solidarity is not peaceful on the part of first nations.

    cbc radio had a good commentator (that’s a plain potatoe) yesterday who said fontaine always says ‘this is a historic day’ and he should get a new speech writer.

    it’s not that harper, fontaine and prentice are ‘bad men’ but they uphold the system and the system is not good. the liberals did no better for they are part of the system too. compromise doesn’t work when righteousness is what’s called for.

    what i am saying is that this new deal is bogus. it doesn’t need to be. canada merely needs to enact rule of law. that’s all. simple. and that simplicity is what is forever.

    peace is good….why must protest be violent? who says june 29th will be violent other then prentice? paid aggitators, the opp, rcmp and the military are the ones who have been causing violence. then there is the covert violence of land theft, fraud , poverty, racism, ill deals….it’s called continued genocide.

    the harvest is all in the law. time for canada to enact on it.

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